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Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron

Calling all plant-influencers, the ultimate Instagram-worthy plant has landed here at Anna’s! 

The Pink Princess Philodendron is a houseplant recognized by its heart-shaped, bubblegum-pink streaked leaves that outstretch towards the sun. Named a “must-have plant” in 2019 by Horticulture Week, the Pink Princess or Blushing Philodendron is a native to Columbia and loved for its splash of colour! 

An easy to grow, low maintenance plant that makes a bold statement and will surely be a conversation starter! 

How to care for your Pink Princess Philodendron: 
  • Light: Partial Sun / Bright, indirect light. Avoid full sun (Northern, eastern, western window)
  • Water: Philodendrons like to be on the moist side, but require proper-drainage. Between waterings, ensure that you let the soil dry out completely until it drips out of the pot’s drainage holes. Let the surface of the soil (top ½” to 1″) dry out before watering thoroughly again. 
  • Soil: Thrive when placed in soil that contains a higher percentage of organic matter. Growing this plant in Sphagnum peat moss is best. Ensure that the soil can be properly drained and is not too packed down.
  • Humidity: The Pink Princess enjoys high humidity levels- a humidifier/tray/pebbles can assist with this. A great plant for a bathroom or kitchen. 
  • Fertilizer: regularly during the active growing season for best results. During winter, when growth has slowed down due to much shorter days, stop fertilizing. Start fertilizing in March, and stop around October. 
  • Growth: typical height is about 23″ in length. The leaves themselves can grow up to 8″ in length with a width of about 5″. It takes a while for this plant to grow, even with the proper care. Consider re-potting every couple of years. 
    • This is a vine plant, so give it a trellis or post to climb on. As it grows, loosely tie the vine to the support structure. 
  • Pruning: Clipping during spring or fall will lengthen the lifespan of your Pink Princess unless you start to see some leaves that have a yellow hue. 

Signs that your Pink Princess Philodendron is unhappy, and ways to revive it:  

  • Droopy Leaves are the cause of too much water or the plant drying out Alter your watering schedule to remedy this issue.
  • Brown Leaf Edges/ Small New Leaves/Crinkled Leaves are the result of insufficient humidity- remedy this by adjusting the amount of misting, or isolate the brown leaves with a plastic bag to build-up moisture. 

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