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Island Bamboo Serveware

Island Bamboo Serveware

Aesthetics and function can truly set the tone for how much time we spend in a space. When it comes to the kitchen, the same rule applies, turning it into a place we want to be in because of the intentionality of all that we choose to incorporate both inside the cupboards as well as on the counters, will give us either positive or negative feeling associations. 

So this week we are taking a look around our kitchen to ask the token question "Does this bring me joy?" - thanks, Marie Kondo! And the good news... we think we have some new serve ware that will most definitely spark joy in your kitchen! 

Having the right tools and serve ware to make your cooking experience enjoyable is what Island Bamboo Company is all about! Offering Eco-Friendly exotic Pakka Wood utensils that you won't mind showcasing on your counter!

About Island Bamboo

They are a multi-generational family business supporting independent kitchenware and houseware retailers across North America. With a love for supporting mom & pop shops plus brick-and-mortar retail. Island Bamboo thoughtfully manufactures products you’ll be proud to own and inspire you in your kitchen to create meals using handcrafted gadgets that are as special as the food you eat.

What is Pakkawood? 

It is a human-made wooden material that is known for its benefits of being exceptionally durable and inert.

Pakkawood or pakka wood is a type of plywood that is also called Staminawood and Colorwood. Moisture is removed well from pieces of wood veneer using a vacuum process. The new wood pieces are then glued together with phenolic resins under high pressure. Many people see this material as a composite product of wood and plastic.

Some are dyed with colored resin to change the color. You can color pakkawood to have the appearance of natural wood such as oak wood or chestnut wood. For a more eclectic appearance, you can use dyes of different colors to create the best rainbow or camouflage designs on your pakkawood material.

The material has a wooden appearance and feel but is resistant to water. The problem with natural wood is that it can split and warp when exposed to moisture. Pakkawood does not have issues like natural wood.

It has high strength and durability and can come in lots of colors due to the addition of dyes. It is also a very dense material due to the high heat and pressure used during the production process.

Pakkawood Source

Caring for Island Bamboo Serveware 

Caring properly for your wood or bamboo products will ensure a lifetime of use. Hand wash only and never put wood or bamboo in the dishwasher. Use warm water and soap to wipe and wash. Never soak. Stand boards to dry and use a clean towel to dry utensils. 


Island Bamboo offers a warranty of 1 year against defects in manufacturing. In the instance that a defect has occurred please contact Island Bamboo with an image of the item and they will be happy to repair or replace it should it be deemed that the above has occurred. 

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