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Preparing for House Guests

Preparing for House Guests

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Another school year has come to an end, and summer has officially begun! We look forward to the summer holidays so much every year - this is the time for catching up with loved ones who are both close and far. We have many family members and friends from out of town that come for overnight stays during the summer months. And if one isn’t prepared, hosting can be stressful. Luckily, planning ahead and taking a few extra measures can help make entertaining a breeze!  Setting up your house and having a game plan for when your guests arrive will help optimize your time together so there’s less worry about boredom or uncertainty during the stay.

I’ve listed some tips on how to make overnight visits more comfortable for both you and your guests if you’re hosting this summer! Consider these preparations and your visitors will be pencilling in their next stay before they even leave!


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Naturally, cleaning would seem like the obvious place to start. And yes, we all take pride in and want to showcase our homes. But you don’t have to go crazy making sure everything is spotless the whole time. A ‘lived in’ house is ok! To a guest, there is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to relax while your host is constantly cleaning. So, do your big clean up ahead of time, then accept help when your company is over. Remember the saying ‘many hands make light work’.  If you have young children staying over too, create a tidy up game in the evening and challenge each kid to pick up 15 toys. The winner gets first pick from the treat jar!

Meal Planning

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Meal planning will also help tremendously when hosting. Find out any food restrictions your guests may have in advance so you can buy groceries accordingly. Figure out your meals, are you dining out and where? While it may seem impolite to choose for your guest, you are really doing them a service. Remember, they don’t live here and know the hot spots to eat. Making the decision in advance will prevent a long cycle of “what do you want to eat?”, “I don’t know, what do you want?”

It's also thoughtful to prepare some light breakfast items in the case that your guests are early risers. Perhaps wash and cut some fruit and set out some nice pastries and spreads for the morning. Oh, and most importantly, and make sure the coffee is available!

Prepare your Guest Room

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If you want to help ensure a return visit, make sure your guests have a private place to sleep that is equipped with all the essentials: A comfortable bed, extra blankets and pillows, a lamp, a clock, water, Kleenex & a nice breeze will usually do the trick. I like to go the extra mile and put a diffuser on the nightstand with calming lavender running, or some sleepy room spray to help create a calm and pleasant atmosphere.


Urban Surf
It’s a beneficial to have a loose idea of what you plan to do each day. You don’t have to fill your visit to the brim with activities but booking some extracurriculars beforehand will put talk into action. It’s nice to organize one main activity and plan a few others that don’t have any additional costs. If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few great ones for entertaining!
  • Rent kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards from Urban Surf Co.
  • Go to the beach
  • Explore Point Pelee or take the ferry to Pelee Island
  • Rent E-Bikes from Grove Bike Co.
  • Go to one of the many splash pads or parks
  • Feed the birds and take a nature walk through Ojibway Park
  • Go golfing
  • Have a campfire & roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and pie irons!
  • Tape glow sticks to the family and have a glow in the dark dance party!
Remember, downtime is nice too. Make sure you keep some time set aside to relax and enjoy the moment.
Anticipate Needs
Remember, your guests may not be comfortable navigating through your home as if it were theirs. Some small considerations will go a long way. For example:
  • Leave a little handmade guide beside the remote on how to use the TV
  • Also, a basket in their room with towels, a washcloth and toiletries is always appreciated. Oh, and don't forget to give the wifi password!
  • Leave a nightlight on in the hallway leading to the bathroom so they can find their way in the dark.

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So, gather with your loved ones this summer, snuggle, and laugh until there are tears running down your face. And create those cherished memories that will fill your heart with so much love now and in the years to come. 💕

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