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Happy Gut: Water Kefir

Happy Gut: Water Kefir

Looking to stay hydrated this summer, all the while improving your gut health? Water kefir is a live, sparkling probiotic beverage that’s light in flavour, refreshing and delicious. It’s a functional beverage with multiple health benefits and you can easily make it yourself.

Scientific research has in recent years made huge leaps in understanding the connection between our gut health and our brain function. A healthy gut microbiome supports healthy mental wellness and there’s emerging research that a healthy gut microbiome is the greatest contributor to prolonging life.

Water kefir has the potential to help anyone with gut problems caused by imbalance and the stresses of modern life.


  • more than 30 billion strains of probiotics
  • 7 strains of beneficial yeasts
  • enzymes to aid digestion
  • Vitamins B12, B6, B1
  • Vitamin K
  • magnesium
  • folate
  • electrolytes


They are live microorganisms that maintain a healthy digestive tract and immune system in our gut microbiome or flora. They are also known as friendly bacteria. There is now scientific proof that the function of the gut is connected to the brain, repairing a damaged gut is essential to good health and probiotics are a key to success.

Our digestive systems are easily compromised and the worst culprits are antibiotics, high levels of continuous stress, poor nutrition and eating habits. Probiotics help to rebuild a balanced gut flora and boost our immunity to unhealthy bacteria.


Several years ago, Leeza Zurwick, Founder of Happy Gut, was given some water kefir grains from her sister-in-law. Intrigued that she and her medical co-workers were making and drinking water kefir to boost their immunity. Working in Special Education, Leeza thought that if this could work amongst hospital staff, it could also work in schools. With great enthusiasm, she decided she needed to brew this for herself, her family and friends.

Through trial and error, Leeza struck the perfect combination of fresh, mineral-rich water and mixed organic sugars to achieve an explosion of beautiful, plump, water kefir grains. After beginning to incorporate Kefir into their life, people started complimenting Leeza’s appearance and she didn’t get sick at all that year, with the only thing that changed in her life being drinking water kefir daily. There had to be something about this drink that boosts immunity and improves gut health…


Happy Gut operates out of a small rural farm located in the rural West Kootenays of BC, with the belief that living off the earth and healing your gut can truly help to heal your life. 

Each glass of Happy Gut water kefir contains billions of probiotics, enzymes, electrolytes and other good stuff. It’s caffeine, dairy and gluten-free. And, it’s so good for your gut.

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