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How To Create Your Own DIY Summer Planter

How To Create Your Own DIY Summer Planter

Choosing a ready-made planter is a quick and easy way to brighten up your doorstep. Choosing to create your own planter by individually picking plants of a certain colour, care requirements and personality, is an even better way to brighten your doorstep and ensure that your summer flowers are exactly what you are looking for. Though that may sound daunting, it truly is a rewarding and therapeutic way to ensure you are choosing the perfect flowers for you and your home.

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For those who aren’t a fan of getting their hands dirty, I would suggest a pair of gardening gloves. If you are like me, your excitement will skip that step and you’ll be regretting it later as you scrub soil out from under your nails.

When collecting your supplies, here are a few things you’ll need. First, find an appropriate size planter for your space filled with nutrient-rich soil. Recycling your winter soil isn’t recommended because the mixture used for winter greens is usually not nutrient-dense and most likely doesn’t have much drainage. Replacing it with soft potting soil is a guaranteed way to keep your plants happy.

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Second, the fun part! Choosing your plants. When choosing which plants always remember spiller, thriller, filler. Consider the colours that compliment your home best and where your planter is going so that you choose the proper sun requirements for your plants. If your planter is sitting in the full sun, only choose sun-loving plants.

Here’s a step by step guide on arranging your summer pot.

Step 1: Thriller

Once your pot is filled with healthy soil choose which plant you want as your focal piece. The thriller plant is the tallest in your arrangement and will be planted at the back of your planter or the center depending on if it will be up against a wall or not. Consider the environment around where your planter is going when choosing your thriller plant. Some plants with thin large leaves, like the alocasia, can shred in very windy areas, whereas palms typically allow wind through their leaves.

Step 2: Filler

The filler plants are the ones that fill the centre of your arrangement. Choosing a variety of contrasting plants is a great way to add texture and dimension to your planter. I often like to choose 3-5 different filler plants with opposite characteristics.  In most planters, I choose a flower, velvety soft foliage and something airy like diamond frost or fern. The colours don’t always have to be exact and often become more of a statement when mixed with similar tones.

Step 3: Spiller

The spiller plant is the final choice of plant for your arrangement. This is the plant that will spill and drape over your pot. It is fun to mix and match different spiller plants around your pot so that from every angle you see different plants draping over. Alyssum is a great spiller plant that flowers both purple or white. Mixing flowering spillers with green or minty foliage is a great way to add contrast to the side of your planter.

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Once your arrangement is complete it is important to give it its first drink of water.  Simply water each individual plant from its base to make sure everyone’s getting a fair drink. This will initiate its roots to grow so all the plants can continue on together in their new home. Adding a 20-20-20 fertilizer is recommended for best overall performance.

Now it’s time to enjoy it! Whether you prefer an array of mixed flowers and colours or enjoy the simplicity of an individual fern or begonia, adding annuals that promise performance all summer long is exactly what we need while we enjoy our time safe at home.

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