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From Seed to Sprout

From Seed to Sprout

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Is there anything more satisfying than watching something grow from a tiny speck into a bountiful & thriving plant? There are so many great reasons to start your garden from seed, but the gratification it brings is indeed at the top of the list for me. Something about gardening is just so therapeutic; and to begin that process now, brings excitment for what is to come. At this point in the year, we're ready to bid winter adieu, and itching to get our hands in the dirt. Indoor seeding is a great way to begin the process. Not to mention that starting your garden from seed, allows for so many more varieties to choose from.

Before diving into indoor seeding, it is crucial to understand our planting zone. Each geographical zone has unique climatic conditions that influence the success of our gardening endeavors. We reside in zone 7, which typically experiences mild winters and hot summers. Indoor seeding for zone 7 allows us to start our plants early, taking advantage of the relatively mild winter temperatures. By the time spring arrives, our seedlings will be strong and well-established, ready to thrive in the warmer weather. Understanding our planting zone is key to maximizing the potential of our indoor seeding project. I post this every year, but Anna's Seeding Guide (which can be found on the website) is a great resource for helping to determine what to plant and when.

This guide helps to create a planting schedule, taking into account the specific germination periods and transplanting timelines for different seeds. This will ensure a steady supply of fresh produce and beautiful blooms throughout the year. A well thought out plan is the foundation of a thriving garden.

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Right now is a great time to start seeding cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. Herbs, tomatoes, bell peppers, and lettuces are also vegetables that can be started nice and early too.

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I wasn't really exposed to garden preparations as a child, and as a result, I have not grown into a confident gardener. In fact, I've only just begun to enjoy the hobby of gardening over the last couple of years. My father in law, however, is a very impressive gardener. And as you might expect, the trickle down effect gifted my husband with quite a lot of growing knowledge. Through him, I continue to learn so much about gardening. I want our children to share in this gardening journey with us so when they are on their own one day, they are capable and confident to grow food of their own. So, every year we make a point to go through all of the gardening steps together. The kids love taking part in this too! It makes them feel responsible, and they share in the joy with us as we reep the rewards of juicy tomatoes and crunchy peas fresh from the garden! Introducing the kids to healthy eating through gardening creates excitement around the subject rather than a dinnertime battle.

When it comes to the actual task of seeding the first thing I like to do is prepare my soil. It's important to use a seeding mix rather than potting soil. I purchase a ready made soil specific to seeding, but many knowledgable gardeners mix their own. I've found that the simplist way to get started is by dumping it in a bin, giving it a light watering, and mixing it up. You don't want it soaked, but more the consistency of a wrung out sponge. This allows for less watering after your seeds are sown, which will ensure that they stay in place and aren't washed around. Also, seeds don't like dense soil, I use my pot to scoop up soil, then simply shake the remainder off. Dont pat it down.

Seed and cutting soil mix (2kg bag) $7.993" Bamboo fiber pots (5 pk) $5.996" bamboo fiber pots (5 pk) $19.99

I make sure I have my markers ready to go so there's no confusion of what's what.  For now I'm make-shifting labels, but once these sprouts are transplanted to the garden I bought some beautiful labelled stakes from the garden center. And the kids painted and wrote on rocks to label any that weren't included in the set.

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As for sowing the seeds, be sure to check the back of the packet for specific instructions. Different plants require different depths of planting. The back should also tell you the general success rate of the seeds. Don't limit yourself to one seed per container, add a few based on the success rate. You don't want to do all this work and yield nothing. I always add a few seeds per pot, and I make more pots than I need. If I have a surplus of healthy plants, I can always share with a friend!

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Once all your seeds are sown, give them a very light watering. You've already used damp soil, so a mist from a spray bottle will do the trick just fine. After the initial watering, allow the soil to slightly dry out between watering, but not completely. Watering a couple times per week should suffice. Also, your seeds should be covered to start. They don't need light until they sprout, after which they will require approx 16 hours of daylight to fully thrive. Our days aren't that long yet, so growing lights will definitely helps these little guys along.

Gardening is such a peaceful and rewarding hobby. Starting your garden from seed opens up a world of possibilities! Not to mention it is affordable. With groceries being at an all time high, growing our own produce is just a financially responsible practice. As I mentioned earlier, I am fairly new to the game. But it really has become a fun hobby, and every year I am more excited to get started! With a little patience and dedication I get to witness these tiny seeds transform into vibrant green spouts! If you are new to this, and seeding intimidates you, my advice is to just go for it! Every year we learn a little more and we ourselves grow as gardeners.  
Happy gardening friends!


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