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Decorating with Pumpkins Inside

Decorating with Pumpkins Inside

As we slowly but surely start to feel the crisp September Air and notice the warm Autumn hues make their way onto the trees, it only means one thing - Fall is officially making it's big debut! While nature's working it's magic outside, it's time to get creative inside.

During this season, It's almost impossible to resist wanting to make your home look and feel as cozy and homey as possible. That's where decorative pumpkins come in. Lucky for you, we've gathered a few of our favourite assortments of charming pumpkins, ranging from rustic to classic designs.

Rustic pumpkins perfectly embody the traditional and cozy atmosphere associated with fall. And most of all, a harvest table set up just isn’t complete without an array of pumpkins! These decorative pumpkins can work wonders as accents for your dining room table setting or as enhancements for your fall mantel decor. You'd surprised how just a few carefully placed decorative pumpkins can transform any room in your house into a warm and inviting space.

When creating your dream display, consider using differient styles of handcrafted pumpkins. We have plenty to choose from – wooden, plastic, cereamnic, knit, felt, beaded... the list goes on.

Plus, our Autumn Decor Sale is happening in-store now: Recieve 30% off your first item, 40% off your second item and 50% off your third+ item!

Feeling festive? Halloween decor isn't just limited to the exterior of the house! Give your guests pumpkin to talk about and decorate with only the spookiest decor!

So, as you enjoy the changing weather and the beauty of autumn, consider adding these lovely pumpkins to your tabescapes, mantel displays and more to create that cozy and homey atmosphere we all cherish during this wonderful season.

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