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Adding Autumn Colour to Our Outdoor Spaces

Adding Autumn Colour to Our Outdoor Spaces

It’s no secret that autumn is my favourite season. The air is refreshing and crisp, the leaves showcase stunning colours, and dusk settles at just the right time. But the one thing that’s a bit of a bummer, is that usually around this time of year, landscaping can begin to look a little drab. And I’m guessing that is the reason why we all look so forward to adorning our porches with chrysanthemums, kale, pumpkins, and the likes. There are so many different ways to decorate your porch for fall. Whether your style is modern, traditional, or farmhouse, adding some seasonal décor is always fun!

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Creating beautiful fall entrances has become a bit of a tradition in North America. This is, after all, the passageway to the home, the area where we welcome guests and loved ones, the pièce de resistance! Making it feel cozy is a fall prerequisite in my opinion, plus autumn porch decorating just comes together so easily!

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As I was decorating the front stoop, it dawned on me that I would really benefit from creating this cozy outdoor atmosphere in the back, where my family and I can enjoy spending time amongst the beauty. So, this year, to celebrate all of the wonderful thing’s autumn brings, I am creating an outdoor nook where we will be inspired to spend some time out in the open air while the weather is still warm. A place to cozy up and read a book or to simply relax with a hot tea and reflect on the season. This new house has so many lovely gardens, it just feels like a shame to stop enjoying them so soon! Also, my summer planters are still looking so good. I don't want to keep them at the entrance, but they have lots of good life left - so I've moved them to the back!

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I'm thinking this little seating area in the gazebo amongst the garden will serve me well. A place to unwind, kick back, and simply enjoy being.

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Mums are the perfect way to add bold colour this time of year. Whether you keep them on your front stoop, or plant them in the garden, they are a sure way to breathe some freshness of fall into our spaces. A lot of people don’t know that they are also perennials. As long as you plant them early enough (like now) to get the roots established, they should survive the winter. Add a little mulch to the base when the temperature drops, and you can enjoy them for years to come!

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While I’m in the garden, I’ll plant my bulbs for spring too. Might as well set myself up for those early spring blooms! All the new bulbs for fall planting have arrived at Anna’s and there is a fantastic selection of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and the likes! Now is the perfect time to get the bulbs in the ground and allow them to take root before it gets too frosty. The days have been warm and breezy, it's perfect weather for tending to the garden!

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I’m so excited about this space. Our family has always enjoyed spending time outside, but since reading about the 1000 hours club, I’m definitely pushing for more. We’re striving to get that good fresh air in our lungs and grass in our toes as much as possible. Sunset in the garden sounds like a dream to me! 

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This little outdoor area can serve as a delightful retreat when we want to be alone. A place to meditate, or to journal. A sanctuary to stretch and awaken the body. Whatever the use may be, this is an area where we can feel at one with nature and appreciate the gifts of autumn. 

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