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Decorating with Pumpkins Outside

Decorating with Pumpkins Outside

Pumpkins: The unofficial, official symbol for fall. It seems they have swooped in overnight with the arrival of the season, and along with them a sense of magic has filled the air! There are so many uses for pumpkins from the most delicious recipes to an eye-catching front porch display - It's time to get creative!

Starting with the one & only pumpkin pie pumpkins! If you would like to try your hand at making this holiday favourite from scratch, we have a couple different pumpkins at the garden center that we recommend for baking. Most pumpkins are edible but tend to have a stringy texture or stronger squash flavour which isn’t always desirable for desserts. (Fun fact: Did you know that all pumpkins are actually squash? The term pumpkin is mostly used for the varieties that are grown late in the season and into winter.) The most popular choice for baking is the appropriately named Pie Pumpkin or sometimes referred to as Small Sugar.

This pumpkin is small and easy to handle, weighing about 4-5 lbs. It is  delicately sweet, and slightly less flavourful, making it the perfect candidate for desserts.

Caribbean or Jamaican Squash have become hugely popular for decorating as they are available in many different colours, and have a pastel appearance, almost like they’ve been whitewashed. Many people don’t know that these are also fantastic for cooking! They have a smooth and sweet flavour that is perfect for soups, curries and of course… pies!

There’s no holding back when it comes to Fall front porch. Bring on all the pumpkins, all the plants, and all the colour! 

Choose a few specialty pumpkins and gourds, mix and match them with chrysanthemums, ornamental kale and maybe even a few pieces of decor! Adding decor accents such as candles help to fill the space, as well as stacking your pumpkins to give your arrangements height.

There’s no right or wrong way of decorating so have fun and get creative! Anna’s is stocked with so many fun Fall and Halloween items for you to choose from so make sure you come to check us out before you get started, we may have just what you’re looking for. We can’t wait to see how you’ve styled your front porch, don’t forget to tag us on social media!

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