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Creative Ways to Incorporate Wreaths Inside Your Home

Creative Ways to Incorporate Wreaths Inside Your Home

26" iced magnolias a leaf wreath $79.99 | bells $39.99

Seeing a front door adorned with a magnificent wreath – a telltale sign that Christmas is around the corner!

Did you know that wreaths have a long history as symbols of victory and celebration? The art of hanging wreaths originated from the Romans, who would hang a wreath on their door as a symbol of victory and to show their high status in society. Later, Christians took on this tradition during the holidays as a way to welcome the spirit of Christmas into their homes. Nowadays, a wreath is most commonly used as décor to spruce up a front door, and they certainly do a wonderful job of it! But, there are so many other unique ways to hang and use wreaths as well! If you are looking for an effective and simple way to add some elegant holiday style, consider bringing wreaths into your home – and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Small wreath $19.99 | Flameless flicker candle $9.99

Some of my favourite places to hang wreaths are in the kitchen. This is an area that can be a little lacking in terms of holiday styling, and a festive wreath is a great option for adding style without taking up precious counter space. If you have a window over the sink, this is an excellent place for a wreath. The natural sunlight shining in from behind gives it a stunning backlit glow. Plus, it makes the view while doing the dishes that much better! And I am loving the trend this year of satin droopy bows. Simple elegance at its best.

Wreath $79.99 | Satin ribbon (25yrds) $5.99

Another great place in the kitchen to decorate, that is often overlooked, is outside of the hood vent. Unfortunately, my house doesn't have a hood, so I sourced some inspiration from the internet.


How beautiful is this?! Just make sure that your wreath is fixed securely & high above the stove – no fire hazards please!

Venturing out from the kitchen and into the dining room, if you're planning to host this season, consider hanging  small wreaths on the backs of your chairs. This instantly adds some festive elegance to your setting and doesn't take up space on the table. This would also serve as a great spot to add a place card!

Small wreath $29.99

Don’t be afraid to layer wreaths in front of artwork, mirrors, or bookshelves too. All my maximalist friends will agree that layering adds depth and interest to any space. Last year I hung a glitzy gold wreath on top of artwork over my bar cart and I loved it! I thought the layers of gold made for a curated lux look.

23" glittered grass wreath $99.99

For my minimalist friends – layering a simple wreath over a tobacco basket is a great alternative. Adding the basket under will help ground the wreath and make it look more substantial on a large wall.

Large dark brown Tobacco basket $59.99 | Mixed greenery wreath $69.99

A cute alternative to hanging a large wreath is to cluster a group of three small wreaths. I love the juxtaposition of using twine with these little glittery frosted wreaths. So cute! I hung them on our sliding barn door to help it stand out a little.

Small frosted wreaths $19.99

Lastly, I absolutely love using a wreath as a centerpiece. This can be done with a regular size wreath on a dining table, or with minis on a coffee table. I adore the simplicity of it. Especially on the dining table. It is easy to remove when dinners ready but packs a punch in terms of style! Add a lantern or a grouping of candlesticks in the center and you’re set. Perfect if you have little ones at home and are looking for a festive look that comes together in a snap.

Wreath $79.99 | Stone candle holders $19.99, $29.99, $39.99

If you’re feeling the itch to start decorating but aren’t quite ready to dredge out all the decorations quite yet, a festive wreath is the perfect place to start. And Anna’s has an impressive selection of gorgeous holiday wreaths. Come take a look!


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