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Chiwis Healthy Snacks

Chiwis Healthy Snacks

We are back with more summer snacks...and this week we're talking about superfoods! Chiwis a women-owned and operated business based in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia offers 100% natural and nutritious snacks. 

Made of upcycled fruits, and using as much of the fruit as possible, yes even the skin - Chiwis offers a fibre-filled delicious snack perfect for your lunch bag, on the go or even on top of a mountain! Chiwis are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and Nut-Free. 

Curious on the whole Upcycled fruit thing? It simply means Chiwis uses fruit that isn't perfectly shaped for sale in grocery stores, and would potentially go to a landfill if there wasn't a way to use it. They're still super delicious + reducing waste...we love that! 

On top of that Chiwis values the importance of being able to spend time outside and provides a portion of sales profits to the Take a Hike Foundation, which engages youth with intensive, continuous clinical counselling, outdoor experiential learning, and community.

About the Founder

Founded by Sarah Goodman, a nutritionist, serial entrepreneur, lover of snacks and champion of women in business.

"As a lover of snacks I am always trying out different ways to make healthy snacks taste awesome; I love my dehydrator and use it all the time. A few years ago, as I was testing recipes, I thought it would be cool to experiment with a fruit I loved - KIWIS!

I really wanted to make chips out of the kiwis and was so delighted when they came out tasting just like sour patch kids. The perfect healthy snack for my never-ending sweet tooth.

My original intention, as an adventurer with a sweet tooth, was to have a healthy snack with a flexible personality. It had to be:

1 All-Natural (No Added Anything)

2 Taste Great (Think Sweet Treat)

3 Packed with Health Benefits

4 Portable (For Hiking & Camping)

5 Lightweight (For a Backpack)

As a nutritionist and healthy food advocate, sharing healthy food that tastes great is a top priority. Our grocery store shelves are stocked with foods that claim to be “healthy” but are full of added sugars, oils, and preservatives."

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