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Keeping it Simple: Summer Table Settings that Won’t Break the Bank

Keeping it Simple: Summer Table Settings that Won’t Break the Bank

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I love the laid back, simplicity that accompanies summer. People seem to dress a little more casual, schedules are loose, and table settings are unpretentious.

These summer months hold so many blessings, beauty from mother nature being one of them. Each morning with the rising sun, the beautiful blooms from our gardens open to greet the day. When setting a table, I like to look to nature to give me a hand. From wildflowers & hydrangeas to branches, there are so many free options to add a natural element to your tablescape.

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I’m going to show you a few variations of table-setting styles that utilize flowers which can be acquired for free as the centerpiece, rather than purchasing expensive bouquets. And if you don’t have a flower garden at home, there are plenty of options. The county has an array of wildflowers growing in ditches all along the country roads, you could forage from there.

Or take a walk through a nature trail or around a pond and pick some tall grass, ferns, and cat tails. Anything flies these days, if something strikes you as beautiful, there is no wrong way to do this. It is your table after all!

At the beginning of spring, we bought a couple flower seed mixes from Anna’s. A honeybee flower mix, some more assorted wildflowers, and poppies. I let my daughter pick. The plan was to plant a little garden in the back for the kids to explore and play in. Many of the flowers are beginning to bloom and I had Nora help forage some flowers for our centerpieces! It was such a fun little Mother daughter activity! And Nora felt so proud when she saw everything come together. (Although, she was VERY apprehensive to cut her treasured flowers.) Or have the kids search for small pieces of driftwood at the beach; clean them up and use them as napkin weights when dining outside.

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I love using these propagation bottles to hold flower snippets on the table. It’s cute, quick, and makes a couple of little flowers the main attraction, rather than a larger arrangement.

Propagation vase $39.99 | Striped table runner $29.99

If you want a fuller display or to add in some larger leaves or foliage, don’t be afraid to cut pieces from your planter pots as well! This next setting uses both wildflowers and pieces from my planter pot. I arranged them in three cute porcelain mini vases. You could easily get a similar effect using mugs of varying heights or assorted mason jars.

Small Porcelain vases $12.99, $14.99, $19.99 | Decorative Serving tray $59.99 | 9x9" Flower plate $29.99

9x9" flower plate $29.99 | Decorative Serving tray $59.99

Or if you are looking for something more neutral, snip & strip some branches and simply place them in a large glass bottle. The branches on our maple tree were too wide and straight, so I cut some lower branches from our sycamore tree. The ones that always smack my face when I’m cutting the lawn! LOL, this was a win – win for me!

Glass bottle $39.99 | Rose table runner $79.99 | Small Driftwood $1.99 | Large driftwood $12.99

At the end of the day, there are countless ways to decorate the table. I hope this has given you some inspiration to take the gifts that mother nature provides and create a beautiful place to gather and break bread.

“Flowers are like friends; they bring colour to your world.” – unknown

May your table be filled with the likes of both. 💓

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