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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the perfect indoor house plant to add bold texture and a pop of colour to any space. Known to be cultivated for its medicinal attributes, you may spot Aloe as an ingredient in food/beverages, skin lotions/ointments, as well as in cosmetics. Characterized by its soothing and moisturizing healing properties, Aloe Vera isn’t just your average house plant!

When it comes to caring for your Aloe Vera plant, like any succulent, they do best when kept dry and only require watering every couple of weeks. Aloe Vera will be happiest in a bright spot, the lighter the better- however, they can be slow growers, so be sure to be patient with them. Use a houseplant fertilizer once in the Spring and once in the Summer to ensure your Aloe Vera is as happy as can be.

While Aloes are traditionally known by their variegated foliage, they can also bloom with tall stems of brightly coloured flowers, if they are thriving. Aloe can take 3-4 years to mature and are more likely to flower when they are kept outdoors mainly, or kept indoors in a location with plenty of sunlight.

Aloe Vera can be added to any decorating scheme, known for its stunning grey-green toothed leaves, add this medicine plant for a touch of personality to any space!


Light: Full sun or partial shade

Water: Allow soil to dry slightly between watering, then water thoroughly. Ensure adequate drainage.

Fertilizer: Monthly during the growing season with water-soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer. Do not fertilize during winter months.

Maintenance: Heat and Drought tolerant. Propagate by separating mature offsets. Great indoors (South / West facing window). Protect from temperatures <10°C / 50°F

Growth: 8″-24″ High / 12″-36″ Wide

*mature plants occasionally produce a tall flower spike

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