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An adored succulent houseplant, Kalanchoe is characterized by its long-lasting blooms and easy to care for nature! Native to Madagascar, Kalanchoe also goes by the name of Flaming Katy, Widow’s Thrill, Panda Plant, and Christmas Kalanchoe.

A slow grower that can reach 12-18″ tall and wide, Kalanchoe thrives in dry environments and blooms consistently throughout the year in response to daylight. Have the habit of forgetting to water your plants? Kalanchoe plants are the perfect pick for you! Check out the care instructions below!

Care & Maintenance of your Kalanchoe Plant: 

Sunlight: Full sun, partial shade 

Soil type: Well-drained & acidic 

Water: Happiest with minimal water, requiring a complete saturation only every few weeks or so, even less often during the winter months. Let the soil dry out completely in-between waterings, then water to the point of saturation. 

Planting Tip: To ensure proper drainage and avoid an overly-moist environment, try planting your Kalanchoe in a clay pot- as it will help wick the additional moisture away. 

Fertilizer:  Feed with a well-balanced fertilizer blend once a month during the spring and summer months. If you’re struggling to see blooms, look for a fertilizer that includes potassium, which can help produce buds next time it blooms.

Maintenance: Ensure that you deadhead between blooming periods

Bloom time: Spring, summer, fall, winter

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