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Air Plants -  A Versatile Way to Style Any Space

Air Plants - A Versatile Way to Style Any Space

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Bringing plants into our homes is a great way to add style and brighten up our space. But they do require some TLC, which can be tricky for those of us who don’t tend to have a green thumb. Especially during the summer months when most of our time is spent outside. Even the most dedicated plant owners can find that their focus is shifted outdoors to the beautiful blooming gardens. That’s why, in the spring and summer months, if I’m purchasing or gifting a plant, I like to stick to something that requires minimal fussing. Air plants and premade terrariums are, in my opinion, the perfect solution!

Air plants are such a versatile plant to style with, as they don’t require soil to grow. In their natural habitat they can often be found in jungles, clinging to trees. Unlike regular plants, they use their root system to cling and their stems to bring in moisture. This makes them great options for hanging or adding a touch of personality to small spaces or neglected corners.

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My house is an old 1.5 story home with lots of awkward nooks and crannies. These small alcoves in our bedroom are too small to really serve much of a purpose. I hope to one day create some kind of built in, but until that day comes, air plants have done a wonderful job of livening up otherwise dreary corners.

Glass terrarium vessel with wood base $59.99

Glass terrarium vessel with wood base $59.99

Caring for your Tillandsia (air plants) requires very minimal intervention. They do need some indirect light, so a room with a window is required, and they can be watered once every two weeks in the summer, and even less frequent in the winter. Some people like to mist their plants with water, which is fine. But I find the most effective way to water them is to simply submerge them for an hour. Once they’ve had a good drink, let them dry and return them to their vessel.

Small Tillandsia $4.99

As the name suggests, air plants DO require air. So, if you’re planning to DIY a terrarium, make sure that it has an opening to allow for ventilation. Anna’s has a few different vessel options for terrariums and everything you would need to fill them! Some of our most popular choices are moss, lava rocks and driftwood.

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My daughter had so much fun putting this gorgeous little arrangement together, and she was very proud to see it out on display. This is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to a gift for grandparents or caregivers. I cannot recommend it enough!
If you aren’t the DIY type or are simply looking for a quick way to add flare to a dull space, Anna’s has an impressive selection of prearranged terrariums and hanging arrangements that are the perfect solution. They serve as versatile décor for any home and make for a fantastic gift. Whether for hosting, birthdays, or sympathy. They are a timeless way to show a loved one that you’re thinking of them. And our line of LiveTrends just went on sale for 50% off! If I were you, I’d be running to the shop to scoop some up before they fly off the shelves!
LiveTrends - currently on sale for 50% off
From beautifully handcrafted live art pieces that blend moss and driftwood, to simple & elegant succulents, this line of products has tons of one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to add class and style to any home.
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