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Adapting to the COVID-19 Environment

Adapting to the COVID-19 Environment

You might have heard by now that big-box retailers, among many others, are temporarily closing their stores. It’s fair to ask why we at Anna’s Garden, Home and Wellness aren’t doing the same.

There are many differences between our store and the big-box chains—differences that you celebrate every time you shop with us. The one that matters most is that we’re a part of this community. We’re paying close attention to the national conversation, but we remain committed to making decisions based on the up-to-the-minute needs of our Essex County Community specifically.  We are adjusting to this pandemic daily.

Right now, we’re confident that we can properly manage the risks of staying open. Sick team members must stay home. Those who feel well don’t have to come in. We’re cleaning constantly, limiting the number of visitors, and asking everyone who does not feel well to temporarily refrain from visiting.

This almost certainly makes Anna’s Garden, Home and Wellness a safer place to shop than the grocery stores or department retailers. We can keep it that way precisely because we’re a smaller, independent business.

This choice has already led to mixed reactions, and we get that. Some customers are thrilled to have a place to go for some normalcy. Others feel that we’re being irresponsible. For now, we are doing everything we can to keep our store safe. We welcome anyone who feels safe being here to come on by.

Thank you as always for your loyalty, patience, and friendship.

Yours Truly,

Marlene Mastronardi

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