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Abundant Blooms: Jasmine

Abundant Blooms: Jasmine

Whether it's in the tea you sip or the fragrance you wear, Jasmine is cherished for its distinctive floral aroma with its petite, abundant blooms emitting a fragrance so potent that it can extend through an entire room almost instantly.

Originating in tropical parts of Asia and China, Jasmine was likely one of the first plants to be cultivated for it's aroma, specifically used in perfumes. 

Maintaining cool temperatures and placing the plant in a well-lit room or by a sunny window is crucial for its well-being. Adequate air circulation is beneficial for encouraging the vibrant white winter blossoms when cultivating jasmine indoors. The plant can endure up to four hours of direct sunlight daily, from late spring through fall, but it's advisable to reduce direct sunlight exposure during the winter months.

To effectively grow jasmine as a houseplant, you'll need to follow these care tips:

Light: Bright, indirect light

Water: Keep soil moist and well-drained.

Summer: allow the soil to be moist and let it dry between waterings.

Winter/Spring: keep plant slightly dry.

Fertilizer: Water-soluble 20-20-20 during the growing season.

Maintenance: Provide a trellis/support. Pinch tips to stimulate lateral growth. Needs to stay cool with well-circulated air - keep the temperature at 60-75 degrees F.

Prunning: As jasmine plants show rapid growth, pruning becomes essential to maintain its shape, promote branching, and stimulate blooming. Optimal pruning time is immediately after the flowering period.

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