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Getting in the Spooky Spirit

Getting in the Spooky Spirit

Another week has come and gone, and it seems we have a new exciting holiday to prepare for. Halloween is approaching quickly, and we’re getting busy spookifying our home.

As the years pass, I’ve learned that these holidays are much more memorable when we embrace them with a childlike sense of wonder and delight. If we let it, Halloween can be so much more than one night of trick-or-treating with the kids. By decorating and adding anticipation to the big night, we can transform these early dark evenings into something filled with mystic and magic.

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Whether you invest in store bought décor, or DIY your own creations, adding temporary styling elements to this ghostly holiday gives us daily reminders of the fun that is to come. And every year when these items come out of the storage bin, they bring with them a warm sense of nostalgia.

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A trick to elevating cheap dollar store décor is to simply cover over your items with black spray paint. This will create a luxurious monotone look which will add a simple & classy look to your Halloween displays. I like to use this trick to create elegantly eerie exhibits out of thrift store frames, skulls, and even the gourds that I decorated with over Thanksgiving! For my mantle display, I collected some of the more gnarly twigs and branches from the backyard and gave them a coat of paint. I love the way they look popping out of the frame!

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We don’t have a lot of room for storage, so it’s important that our seasonal decorations can be compacted into a bin or two when the season is over. To work small objects into a more largescale focal point I make use of everyday items as well.

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For example, removing the paper from hard cover books can instantly add an antique vibe to your display. For this coffee table vignette I spray painted some skeleton hands from the dollar store and used them to wrap around my black vase for an instant Halloween upgrade.

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For an easy dining table centerpiece, I used a low bowl-shaped planter to anchor my spiders and give them a bigger impact. Black moss was a cheap and effective way to fill the creation and make it look a little ghastlier. I surrounded the bowl with wooden faux candles and black velvet pumpkins. I am loving the lavish texture they bring to the table.

Glittered spider $39.99 | Velvet pumpkins (10 pk) $39.99 | Wood faux candle $9.99 & $12.99 | Planter bowl $34.99 | Black moss $12.99

By adding simple elements in a thoughtful manner, I’ve transformed our home into something spooktacular that is worthy of perhaps a little Halloween party! In the meantime, we’ll be snuggled up in this old haunted house getting our fill of Halloween movies.

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