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Delhaven Orchards Apple Cider

Delhaven Orchards Apple Cider

Comfort and coziness, two words we’ve come to associate with the fall months. Although it begins to cool down during these months of the year, our hearts find comfort when we think of them. It’s the soft thick socks, the gathering of loved ones, the golden light from early sunsets, fireside warmth with a cup of apple cider – sacred moments that carry a certain kind of magic in these seasons.

This week we’re sharing the delicious sweet treat that is Delhaven Orchards’ Apple Cider. Made from a special blend of at least 5 varieties of handpicked apples. Receiving second-place honours at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Sweet Cider competition in 2023, they consistently rank above the best in the province based on flavour, aroma, clarity and acidity.

Delhaven offers high-quality assurance that all products are washed and brushed before being pressed. A cider that is good for six weeks when refrigerated.


Delhaven Orchards is a family-owned farm, owned and operated by Hector and Marilyn Delanghe, and their son, Mark and his wife, Barb. Hector and Marilyn also have two daughters, Heather is a teacher in Bothwell and Lisa and her husband, Steve reside in St. Thomas. Hector and Marilyn have two grandsons, Scott and Zachary. Delhaven Orchards consists of 400 acres, primarily fruit trees. Hector and Marilyn established Delhaven Orchards in 1961, when they started farming with 40 acres of peaches and cherries.

Today, apples are their main crop, covering 100 acres of their farm. They grow a variety of different fruit, including peaches, pears, apricots, sweet and sour cherries, nectarines, plums and strawberries. Delhaven Orchards sells their fruit through their farm market at home, as well as in other independent markets, local farm markets, and some chain stores. Apple cider is a popular product at Delhaven. Delhaven Orchards has become a leader in the apple cider industry in Ontario, winning awards on an annual basis. The Delanghe family make it their priority to provide their customers with fresh, quality fruit.

Throughout his years 60+ years in farming, Hector has been an innovator in the industry with his involvement in many organizations that promote and support the farming industry. At present, Hector and Mark continue to be leaders in the industry, as they diversify their style of farming to stay current with their practices.

So get cozy, warm up some apple cider and throw on your favourite movie! You deserve some YOU time!

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