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Weathering the Winter Storm

Weathering the Winter Storm

As winter slowly embraces us with its frosty mornings, there are so many exciting things we can do in winter while still being safe and social distancing! Build snowmen, go for a walk, go sledding, or just go for a car ride to look at the twinkly lights.

As we head into another lockdown I want to remind you it’s going to be OK. This year, instead of making resolutions for 2021, I plan to make a list of all that I have been grateful for in 2020. I know it may be hard to make a list of what was great about 2020 because it was such a crummy year for a lot of us but I’m going to try and reframe 2020 for myself and think of it from a different point of view! Join me in this for a moment – you have faced challenge after challenge, you’ve adapted and you’ve overcome. 2020 has forced you to grow exponentially – don’t take that for granted. This year was hard and we grew into stronger people than we were when the year began.So let’s set pause on this year and not think of it as a horrible year of Covid. Instead make a list of 10 things you are grateful for that happened to you this year. Even if it was something that was hard, try and think of the positive spin that you got through it or you’re still getting through it and it’s making you stronger. 

While we are in “grey” over the next few weeks I’m trying to find things to keep me and my family entertained and happy while we spend more time in our home… being at home is so different from what it would’ve been in the 80s waiting for your favourite show to come on. T.G.I.F. Friday anyone? We are so lucky to have all the information and entertainment right at our fingertips, so maybe this winter take a class on YouTube – there are so many fabulous things you can teach yourself for free online like crocheting, watercolour painting, sewing, knitting, origami, macramé… the list goes on and on. Last year I found Missouri star quilt company on YouTube and learned how to make fabulous quilts with their step-by-step tutorials. This winter I plan on learning about beekeeping. Find something that will bring you joy and keep your mind and hands busy! Take the time this winter to enjoy all the things you’ve been too busy with because of hockey, baseball, soccer or just enjoy each other and finally relax and read the book you haven’t had time for.

Another thing you can do this winter to bring joy into your home is adding plants! Not only do they help bring life to your home, but that touch of green and the soft shapes of leaves help to create a warm, relaxing space. You can read some of our older blog posts – we have some excellent ones on plant care and even though our doors are closed you can still buy plants from Anna’s online with curbside pick up or delivery! Another thing you can do to help you get through these days of gray is indulging yourself with candles, essential oils, big cozy socks, blankets and throw pillows – just about anything that makes you feel cozy and happy when you’re at home. 

While we do each do our part by staying home, a few small changes can help us bring calm to our homes, making them a refuge amidst the storm. Be safe and most of all be kind!

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