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Plant Care for the winter

Plant Care for the winter

In the winter it is time to stop fussing and pruning your plant. Your plant is going through a little bit of dormancy in the winter and just needs a little break. The colder weather can be rough on your tropical plants. Here are things a few things to remember for house plants at this time of year.


I know we all want the sparkle of our Christmas tree in the front window, but if that’s where one of your high maintenance plants like a fig tree lives you must find another place for the Christmas tree this year! Some plants like fiddles figs, Audrey ficus and rubber plants do not well do with being moved away from the window. I know it is just a month or two but in the winter your plants need all the sunlight they can get. It’s a big risk and possibly very upsetting for them to be moved that far from sunlight when they need it now more than ever. 

*Remember nobody puts baby in the corner…. and that goes for house plants too!  If your baby lives in the window leave her where she belongs.

Fertilizer and Repotting

It’s time to stop fertilizing your plants because they are not in the growing season. You don’t need to fertilize them or repot them – this could cause unnecessary stress on them at a time when they are trying to be dormant for the winter.

Add humidity 

Humidity is especially important right now because with your windows closed and your furnace and fireplace running it can make homes especially dry.  Adding a humidifier is a great addition for your plants in winter because they’re used to the warm humidity levels of a tropical condition. You can also just simply spray them daily with a misting bottle, but I prefer the humidifier because it’s also good for my skin as well. I like to find one that I can add essential oils to in order to help bring calm for me in the winter months. It makes a happy plant and a happy plant mom.

Bug watch

With your house being warm and dry with the furnace running this will be the perfect breeding ground for bugs to thrive on your plants. It’s a good idea to check your plants monthly for any pests before they start making themselves at home.

Stop overwatering!

It’s time to stop giving your plants so much water and start watering more sparingly in the winter months. Most houseplants will require about half as much water as they do in the spring and summer because your plant is slowing down on growing because it is getting fewer hours of daylight. Always check with your finger to see if the top 2 inches of soil are dry before you water. It is normal for a couple of leaves to turn yellow and fall off in the winter but if you start losing lots of leaves it could be a sign that you are overwatering.


Now with all the windows closed you may be doing winter construction or just feel your house is a little bit dustier in the winter. Dust on your plant blocks them from absorbing sunlight properly. In the winter months, tropical plants need every bit of light they can get. Remember to dust your plants with a damp cloth when you start to see the dust on their foliage. We also carry an amazing product called leaf shine that you simply spray on your plants. Then the leaves are shiny and new again in seconds.

Remember your plants have a way of speaking to you through their foliage – it’s a good idea to always set up a plant routine on the same day each week for proper maintenance for your plants.

Taking good care of your plants will bring life to your home through the darker winter months, and for many years to come!

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