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The Power of a 24-Hour Room Makeover

The Power of a 24-Hour Room Makeover

Soap dish. $9.99 | 4" planter pot $19.99 | Small Fern spray $6.99

While I love creating gorgeously staged photos, and in the perfect world, my home would be picture perfect – that simply isn’t a reality. Our home is lived in. Like, lived in hard. And despite the temptation to buy all of the new & beautiful things, most of our finances are allocated to, honestly, more important stuff. With young kids and all the life preparations we make for them, we simply don’t have the overflow of cash to indulge…too much.

I’ve been holding off on really making the inside of our home ours because we’re planning to do a bigger reno in a couple years. Why waste the money on a Band-Aid fix, right?! Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But I finally had enough and had to start making my mark on our home, even if it’s just small and one room at a time. I started with the guest bathroom.

Bathroom before

For me, this was the perfect room for a little facelift. It’s small, so prettying it up could be done fairly simply without breaking the bank. Also, everyone who comes to visit will likely be in this room at some point, so I want it to look nice. But the real reason I chose to tackle this room, was because it made me the most frustrated every time I was in it. There was one piece of trim, which, for whatever reason, wasn’t painted. And it filled me with rage every time I was in there. LOL. I just couldn’t understand – why?? Why??? So, instead of painting just the one piece, I painted the whole room; Because prepping and cleaning for paint is the worst part, amiright? I had to do that anyways, so why not just paint it all? Luckily, Home Hardware had a 50% off paint sale!


Pro Tip: If you don’t have designated paint clothes, simply turn your clothes inside out!

The bathroom before, was just too much blue for my personal taste. Also, the tiles on the floor and around the tub are shades of brown and cream. Since this is a quick fix and I won’t be retiling, I wanted something that would compliment them a little better.

12" artificial king ficus in ceramic pot $39.99 | 9.5" Artificial cactus in pot $24.99 | LiveTrends airplant trio $29.99 (currently on sale for additional 50% off) | 4" x 6" Gold easel frames $24.99

Our guest bathroom doesn’t have any windows, so I wanted to keep it light and bright. I went with ‘White Dove’ for the upper portion of the walls and trim (plus, I had it leftover from a previous project), and a shade of green called ‘Sprout’ for the bead board. The cream helps to blend into the tile work a bit, and mixed with the brown and green, it gives off a more natural vibe. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous at first, and after the first coat of green, I thought I hated the shade and was, perhaps, making a huge mistake. But it all came together in the end, and I am so happy with the outcome!

Soap dish. $9.99 | 4" planter pot $19.99 | Small Fern spray $6.99

In a perfect world, I would LOVE a new vanity in a natural wood finish, and a new light fixture as well. But like I said, this is a doable 24-hour, CHEAP project. Some artificial plants and knick-knacks are my only spending, aside from the paint. And I am fine with that. I am actually thrilled with the outcome! I had no idea a couple coats of paint and styling would make me so happy!

7.5" cement mushrooms $24.99

Taking away all of the old décor and mixing it in a different arrangement with something new, or borrowed from another room always feels so good.

4" x 6" Gold easel frame with type $24.99

One of the benefits of completing small projects is that they are contagious. Because they aren’t too difficult or frustrating to tackle, the momentum keeps going and before you’ve even cleaned your mess, you’re planning the next. I’m dreaming up a mudroom refresh or ripping out the stairway runner and installing a new vintage style runner next! What home plans are you dreaming up?


    Posted by JL on

    Looks lovely and fresh. Yes rip out that runner. I saw a cool project to glue copies of your kids art to the front edges of a staircase like wallpaper. Now I wish I didn’t have a ranch. Lol.

  • Posted by Liz Thornton on

    Looks so lovely, simple and fresh! Love it❤️

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