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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Lakeside Park

Suzanne, who wrote the blog before me, had a great practice of making up bucket lists for the season before it began. And I love this. It gives us a chance to set goals not only for chores, but for fun! Because we all know that once summer is in motion, we blink and then it’s over. If we make a bucket list of activities in advance and put them in writing, we can then incorporate them into our calendar to ensure that they actualize. After all, like the saying goes:

    “A goal without a plan is just a wish” 
             - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Every year since we’ve moved here, my husband and I tell ourselves we are really going to try to have more weekends at home to explore all that Kingsville/Leamington has to offer. And every year our summer fills up, and we are left dumbfounded at the end. How did we let it slip away? So, this year, we are penning in some free weekends at home, and also taking advantage of weekdays too. Which leads me to the first thing on my list…

Lose Track of Time

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Our family is very scheduled. Since having kids we have been pretty strict with bedtimes and such. I think this summer I might let things slide a bit allowing us to take advantage of fun evenings throughout the week. So, my first goal is to get out of my own head and live a little! And who knows, maybe the kids will finally learn how to sleep in! (doubtful…lol)

Be a Tourist in my own Town

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I feel like there are so many gems in the county that we have yet to see. Jack Minor Sanctuary, Pelee Island, and the many hiking trails to name a few. This summer I am going to keep a ‘day travel’ basket in my trunk so we are always prepared for an impromptu bit of exploration. It will be loaded with non-perishable snacks, a change of clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, swim suites and towels. If you have any recommendations on great local activities, I would love to hear them! Please feel free to share ideas in the comments!

Early Morning Bike Rides

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With the busyness of life and all of the family time planned for the summer, it’s important to create space for alone time in our daily rituals. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Time to take in the quiet and do a little inward reflection. When I incorporate this into my morning routine, my day begins with such a positive energy that it is usually contagious, and those good vibes carry over to the people who I spend time with.

Redecorate our Bedroom

Bedroom Inspiration pictures - Pinterest

This is the one room in our house that hasn’t received any attention since we’ve moved here…5 years ago! I feel like this is pretty common too. We prioritize improving the areas that guest will see, but when it comes to something that is just for us, it often gets put on the backburner. Well guess what? I’m sick of looking at patched up grey walls at the end of each day! We just renovated our ensuite bathroom, so it feels natural to do the bedroom next. I’m thinking of painting the walls a deep earthy green and adding in some shelving and an accent wall. I love the look of the rooms pictured above. And I’m really into all of the bohemian décor that has been flooding the shop, so I will surely be incorporating some of these items into the room.

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Eat Healthy

Anna's Produce Table

Confession: I am a sucker for sweets. Any time, any day…give me ALL the chocolate! I make a point to incorporate exercise and lifting into my routine, but I often sabotage all that hard work with a lousy diet. Eating healthy needs to be a mindset not a chore or I won’t succeed. When I take the time to do food prep and meal planning for the week ahead, it becomes so much more convenient to make healthy choices.

Take Care of my skin

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It can be easy to let evening routines slide, especially in the summer when the sun goes down late. With all the activity in the heat, by the time I hit the hay, I am often exhausted. No excuses, now is the time! I’m at an age where skincare needs to be something that I take a little more seriously. I know I will be thankful for my due diligence later!

Go on a Picnic 

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For the most part, my kids will be in daycare for the summer, with a couple exceptions. We are going camping for a week in August (which I am so excited about), and I’m keeping the kids home with me for one-week mid August to enjoy some quality time before school starts. When I have them home, I want to plan a park hop day. Load up the car and just explore a handful of playgrounds and have a picnic lunch. You don’t have to spend money to have fun! I think this is an important lesson.

Ojibway Park

Sometimes the little moments in life can slip away unnoticed. Too often we’re so focused on the prize at the end that we can forget to slow down and soak up the present. Being a mom can be hard, working can be hard, owning a home can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be if we choose to have an optimistic mindset and turn our ‘chores’ into opportunities to do better. And if we pen in time for things that are important, our schedules don’t get cluttered with plans that other people make for us. It can be easy to say yes all the time for fear of letting others down. But, it is even worse to let ourselves down. I’m just learning now that it’s ok to say no, even if there seemingly isn’t a reason for it. 

What's on your bucket list this summer?



    Posted by LORRI on

    Of course Point Pelee is a must..bring bug spray, a little picnic , enjoy the trails , the Marsh Boardwalk, the North West Beach has a children section for climbing and finally the Interpetive Centre is open!!!. Walking along the Detroit River is always nice with a stop at the different play structures. We have two Islands close by..Peche and Pelee Islands ..just waiting to be explored. Have a great Summer!!

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