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Starfish Cactus

Starfish Cactus

Stapelia Grandiflora, commonly known as Starfish Cacti, boasts captivating features and originates from South Africa. Recognizable by its distinctive fragrance and large 5-petal flowers, these plants may surprise many with their soft-stemmed, spineless growth radiating from a central point, belonging to the succulent family.

The Starfish flowers exhibit vibrant hues, ranging from red to beige or brown and only flower once a year - making their beauty that much more exciting!

Ideally cultivated as a houseplant during cooler months, the Starfish Cacti can be transitioned outdoors to bask in the summer heat. Recognized for its ease of care and semi-drought tolerance, this plant with its remarkable large blooms is sure to capture the attention of your family and friends!


Light: Bright, indirect sunlight

Water: Allow the plant to dry between watering. Water sparingly at all times & very little during Winter. 

Fertilizer: Light, airy, well-drained soil. Does not require fertilizer, but the potting mix should contain natural, organic matter. It should not be too acidic. 

Maintenance: No need for regular pruning. Just remove any dead or unsightly stems. Remove flowers when they stop blooming. They prefer crowded root.

Growth: 8″ tall / 8-13″ wide

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