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Senecio “Angel Wings”

Senecio “Angel Wings”

This week we are excited to introduce you to a delightfully fast-growing, easy to care for succulent- known for its silvery-white, velvety soft leaves. We adore how much of a modern statement they make due to their unique texture, striking colour and size! 

Unlike most succulents, Angel Wings are a rounded plant with large, broad leaves and toothed edges. Perfect for indoors or out, Senecio can be kept inside as a houseplant and brought outside during the warmer months.


How to Grow & Care for Senecio Angel Wings: 

  • Light: Partial to Full Sun 
  • Water: Extremely drought-tolerant, water occasionally. They will require more water in the summer, especially if outdoors. Allow the soil to dry out between watering in winter, when they are somewhat dormant. 
  • Soil: Moderately fertile, freely draining, sandy.
  • Size: reaches 10-16″ tall and wide
  • Fertilize: annually with 20-20-20 all-purpose fertilizer
  • Prune: where the stem is firm, in very early spring. If you are looking to start another plant, you can root the cuttings. 
  • Location: They enjoy spending their summer outdoors, ensuring that you bring them indoors in the fall before there is a threat of frost. 

Compared to by some to that of Lamb’s Ear for its soft leaves, Senecio Angel wing is a plant that is made for touching! First discovered in Chile in the Patagonia region and then next discovered in the mountains of Japan – incorporate this unique succulent in your home or garden in a variety of ways!

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