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Here at Anna's there are signature blooms that denote the welcoming of a new season. To us, Spring is officially here when our garden benches are filled with tabletop Hydrangeas, Hellebore perennials and the sweet rose-like blossoms of Ranunculus. 

Ranunculus are known for their tissue-thin petals and can be found in a wide-range of colours. Also referred to as Buttercups, or the Rose of Spring, you've likely seen these ruffled blooms in many cut flower arrangements adding the loveliest pops of colour!

Ranunculus Annual Care and Maintenance: 

Light: Full Sun in spring. Protection from direct sun in summer to extend longevity. 

Water: Keep soil evenly moist. Ensure adequate drainage. 

Fertilizer: Water soluble 20-20-20 every 2 weeks

Maintenance: Remove faded blooms to promote budding. Great in spring for containers and garden beds

Growth: 6"-18" tall | 8"-12" wide

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