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Springing forward!

Springing forward!

I cannot tell you how good it feels to get back into my morning routine of writing in the dark, before the world awakes. And I can’t help but notice that these longer spring days are creeping up. It seems the sun is showing herself earlier and earlier each morning. And I am here for it. I am so ready to soak up all the vitamin D!

In anticipation of the new season and all the beauty it brings, let me introduce you to some pretty little things Anna’s has in stock.

New items for the spring line have been arriving in droves and continue to do so. I am so excited to give you a peak of what’s in the store…and now in my home. (whoops, this job makes it too easy to support my habit!)

Yoga Bunny $9.99 | Moss bunny $12.99

Egg Garland $19.99

Nothing says spring like fresh cut flowers and greenery in the house. While I adore all my live plant babies, I also love to sprinkle a spattering of faux greens and flowers in areas that are lacking sunlight. For our home, these places are usually the bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom. Until fairly recently I was pretty opposed to artificial flowers, but they can be made to look so realistic now! And although I do LOVE having fresh cut flowers, it is far more affordable to reuse seasonal artificial ones! Just look at how beautiful these are!

Yellow Artificial Flowers $9.99

Yoga Frog $19.99 | Face Planter $29.99 | Pastel Fringe Live Trends $14.99 | Artificial String of Pearls $14.99 

I find, when creating decorative vignettes in the home, it’s more appealing to anchor your items by placing them on something larger (like a tray, a cutting board or even a big hardcover book). Not only does this make them more visually pleasing, but it also makes cleaning easier too!

Egg Picks $5.99 | Blue Vase $39.99 | Wood Cutting Board $39.99 | Herb Tea Towel $12.99

My home is definitely starting to reflect signs of spring on the inside! As for the outside, it is still too early to do my planters, as it is still quite frosty, but it’s definitely not too early to spruce up the entrance with a cheerful mat and seasonal wreath!

Wreath $99.99 | Cactus Mat $79.99

My only hope is that now that our clocks have changed and are giving us longer days, the temperature warms up so we can enjoy them to the fullest!


    Posted by Carolyn Munro on

    Waiting for the new season to start. Can hardly wait!

  • Posted by Connie on

    Do you still have available the Egg Garland strands?

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