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Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

Looking to add a little personality to your space? The cheerful Ponytail Palm is a popular houseplant choice known for its sleek bulb-like trunk and lush, curly ponytail leaves. The ideal proportion, and a low maintenance care routine, make the Ponytail palm an ideal houseplant for many!

To much disbelief, ponytail palms are not actually palms at all and are in fact a member of the Agave family. Native to Mexico, and known for their water-keeping bulbous-trunks, Ponytail palms need the same kind of care as a cactus or succulent.

When it comes to maintaining Ponytail palms, they are a very forgiving plant! Known to be happiest in bright light, they will be rather accepting of occasional low light conditions. Once Summer rolls around, if you slowly transition your plant to the outdoors, it will make up for any of the inconsistent Winter lighting conditions. Be sure to bring your plant back inside once temperatures start to drop around 4°C/ 40°F.

Ponytail palms require semi-dry soil, and it is best to let your soil dry out significantly between waterings. As a desert-native plant, they don’t require much humidity, however, placement near a draft or vent should be avoided.

These low-maintenance houseplants are a great way to add visual interest to any room, not to mention they are safe to have around children and pets!

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