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Flowering Kale

Flowering Kale

Now that the weather has turned, we all long to see a pop of colour in our gardens or at our door. Grown for their looks, not their flavour – both Ornamental Cabbage and Flowering Kale are the perfect annual for your Fall and Winter garden!

Known to grow approximately 18 inches tall and wide, ornamental cabbage and flowering kale prefer to be grown in cool weather, although they can be planted at any time, the vibrancy of their pigmentation doesn’t develop until after the first frost or prolonged cold weather.

When it comes to sunlight- they do best in either full sun or partial shade, as it’s the leaves that provide the “flowers”, so luckily there is no waiting time for them to bloom. Keep them well watered, however, if it is a wet Fall/Winter you may not need to water them at all. We recommend checking if the top inch of soil is dry before watering.

These beautiful low-grower plants are ideal as a focal point for your porch planters or an edging plant in your garden! The contrast of the central pinks, purples, and whites amongst the blue-green outer leaves are sure to catch the interest of your Holiday guests!

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