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Our Seasonal Favourites!

Our Seasonal Favourites!

It’s that time of year when technically it’s Spring, but temperatures aren’t quite cooperating.  All of us are itching for warmer weather so we can get outside, crack the windows and feel that crisp breeze through our houses.  We had our final snowfall (fingers crossed), so we’re hopeful that the weather will break soon!

Spring is an inspirational season that offers us hope, anticipation and a fresh, new beginning.  We’re all ready to freshen things up, declutter, clean and prep our houses inside and out and pack away those Winter coats.  Since we’re not quite able to fully embrace this new season just yet, start by making changes inside your home to welcome Spring.  Our last blog post, Preparing Your Home For Spring, offered so many great suggestions on how to transition the inside of your home.  Make sure you check it out if you haven’t already!   

If you’re looking for some Spring inspiration come on over to Anna’s!  We have fresh blooms, new home decor, and everything you need to get ready for this exciting new season and more.

Here are some of our Seasonal Favourites, and why we love them!

Swan Creek Soy Candles

Not only do these soy candles look beautiful mixed in with your home decor but they also come in a great selection of scents and colours.  There are many benefits to choosing soy candles over your typical paraffin wax candle; they burn cleaner and produce less soot, they’re non-toxic which means they won’t release any harmful toxins into the air as they burn, they last longer than a paraffin candle and since they burn slowly the scent is released gradually and more consistently.  We love placing them in our living room, bedroom, kitchen window sill – just about anywhere!  Our favourite scent right now is Southern Sweet Tea (pictured below).

Wooden Planters

Adding plants into your decor is a quick way to add colour, texture and life!  Greens not only add interest but housing them in fun pots and plant stands can really add style and character to your space.  We are loving these wooden pots with legs.  They compliment pretty much any plant you put in them and adds fun texture and height to any corner or nook you place them in.  

We offer a large variety of pots and planters for every style so come on in, and we’d love to help you find the perfect pot or planter for your new house plant.  

Ceramic Mugs

If you’re searching for that perfect mug to add to your collection or gift basket, look no further.  We’ve added some beautiful ceramic pieces to our store and this mug is one of our favourites.  It’s a great size, fits nicely in your hand, isn’t too heavy and has the prettiest finish and colours.  If you’re into lighter colours, there’s also a cream version available!  

Ceramic Berry Basket, Snack Bowl & Smuccies

Anna’s carries so much more than just plants, flowers and planting accessories.  We carry unique home decor pieces, wellness products, fresh local produce, giftware, the list goes on.  We also offer some beautiful kitchen and hosting items too!  A couple of our favourite pieces include this ceramic berry basket and this sweet little snack dish. The ceramic berry basket is not only the perfect storage dish for your freshly washed berries, but it’s adorable and reusable.  We’ve also used it to hold our kitchen gadgets right by our sink – our scrapers, scrubbers and brushes fit nicely in it and the drainage holes on the sides make it easy to clean out.  

I don’t know about you, but we love strawberry season, but did you know that it’s strawberry season all year round at Anna’s?  We carry Mucci’s Smuccies, greenhouse grown strawberries that are sweet, delicious and red right through to the centre.

We love this quick, yummy snack – strawberries with a little, or a lot of whipped cream – perfect for an evening treat or when you’re hosting family or friends.  This adorable snack bowl is great for any treat or appetizer and even comes with a small metal spreader.  You can never have too many cute snack dishes in our opinion!

Easter Hostess Basket

We can’t believe it, but Easter is just around the corner.  Easter weekend is usually busy spending time with family, gathered together to enjoy a lovely meal, each other’s company and an egg hunt.  We love the idea of putting together a cute hostess gift basket to say thank you.  In our basket we’ve included a gorgeous pink hydrangea, a Swan Creek soy candle (scent Oh Sugar, Sugar), and small bunny decor (perfect for your front door).  We’ve finished it off with a bottle of wine and thank you card but you could also throw in some Picard’s chip nuts (we carry in store!) or you can never go wrong with some chocolate.

We always love seeing what you bring home from your Anna’s visit, make sure to share on social media and include #WelcometoAnnas

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