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Salad Spice

Salad Spice

Here at Anna’s our produce table is always packed with fresh fruit, vegetables and condiments from devoted Southern Ontario farmers. We always love coming across a new, delicious product that you can introduce into your meal preparation with these delicious goodies!

Salad Spice is a new, healthy alternative to salad dressing. You simply rinse your salad, add your veggies and favourites, then shake on your Salad Spice of choice; the moisture from your rinse allows the spices to stick to your salad.

Developed in Dallas, Texas, The Salad Spice Co. was created out of necessity after a doctor diagnoses for Diabetes. In saying that, the team developed a few different flavours that are Diabetic, Keto and Gluten Free friendly. Offering delicious flavour without the high calories, this condiment is perfect for Fitness and Health enthusiasts who are looking for a “zero” calorie alternatives to traditional salad dressing; Salad Spices range from 5-30 calories per serving vs traditional liquid dressing resulting in 60-100+ calories per serving.

Available in single serving packages (4 grams) for those who are frequently on the go, or family size bags (3.25oz) offering approximately 20 servings; you can choose from 5 different flavours: Peppery Garlic (Gluten Free & Keto Friendly), Sweet Greek (Gluten Free), Ranch (Gluten Free), Asian or Honey Mustard. Keep your health-conscious decision of choosing a salad at mealtime nutritious by trying out one of Salad Spice’s flavours today! Offering Dairy Free, Gluten Free, MSG Free, Wheat Free and Soy Free options, you’ll be able to maintain all of the benefits of your dish with just a few shakes of Salad Spice!

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