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No-Bite-Me Cream: All-Natural Bug Repellant

No-Bite-Me Cream: All-Natural Bug Repellant

Camping and Gardening season has arrived – and we want to help keep you and your family smiling, so let’s ward off those pesky bugs, in an all-natural way! Introducing one of our favourites, No-Bite-Me Cream, created in 1982 this all-in-one preventative and after bite cream contains edible ingredients and does not have any DEET or harmful chemicals. Enjoy the outdoors without even thinking about those black flies, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, fleas or spiders!

How does it work?

Simply, dab a little bit on any exposed skin and blend it in and the bugs should leave you alone. With a blend of 16 essential oils including Cedar, Mint, Lemongrass, Geranium, Clove, Thyme, Rosemary and Eugene oils – No-Bite-Me has a natural healing aroma to it that the bugs simply can’t stand! With a 2-ounce jar, you will be provided with up to 4 hours of bug relief, but some have said they didn’t need to re-apply all day! A little bit of this natural essential oil bug repellant goes a long way.

Who is behind No-Bite-Me Cream?

Safe for children and on newborn skin, Sallye Ander products were created by a father for his son, products created out of love. Gary Austin created the first olive oil Casile soap for his two-year-old son, Aaron who was allergic to grocery aisle soap. After this creation, his community took notice and so came to be, Sallye Ander- 100% Handmade, hypoallergenic skin care products.

We hope your Spring and Summer are filled with adventure, whether it is a short road trip out to the county for a picnic and some shopping, or some time away by the lake to sit by the fire and stare up at the stars- or maybe just drinking some lemonade in your backyard oasis! No bugs, no bites, just lots of laughter and happy times.

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