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Embracing the Coziness of Fall

Embracing the Coziness of Fall

As the summer draws to a close, the weather turns cool, days turn short and leaves change colour.  I eagerly await the time when I can shut off the air conditioner and enjoy the coolness of fall nights and all the wonderful splendour that comes with the change of the fall season. Autumn is my favourite season. There is so much to look forward to….pumpkin spice lattes, foggy mornings, warm crackling fires, the rich beautify of coloured leaves swirling to the ground, apple pies, corn mazes, pumpkin picking and all the other fabulous things that come with this wonderful season. I love decorating for fall with large cozy blankets, plush pillows, fragrant candles, and mugs for hot treats on cool nights.

The first must for fall home decor is, of course, fall candles! There’s something about the luminescent glow of candles in the fall season that can turn your home into a warm refuge – the aroma of fall candles is instantly welcoming to anyone who stops by. Whether it’s pumpkin pie, apples, caramels or warm cinnamon you’re craving this fall, bring it home with candles!    

While back to school may look different this year, there’s nothing like buying back to school supplies – lunch bags, water bottles, fancy pencils and all the other items your student may need. Even if you’re staying home, treat yourself to some normalcy and make yourself a lunch every day even if you have nowhere to go. A pretty new lunch bag or notebook and pencils may bring a little extra joy to your back-to-school day.

I love decorating for fall with tiny artificial pumpkins – they are adorable, and I don’t have to worry about them rotting!  The great news is you’ll have them for years to come. Use them to add that little touch of fall to the unadorned corners of your home.

Big cozy mugs full of tea, coffee and lattes are one of the coziest parts of fall. This fall, put on a gigantic scarf the size of a blanket with your adorable fall rubber boots and spend a Sunday enjoying kicking through the fall leaves with a cup of coffee.

We have so much new great fall decor in at Anna’s; beautiful pompous grass, wooden textured beads, pumpkins, mums and so much more! Make sure you stop by Anna’s soon to check it out before it’s gone. 

“A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye” -unknown  

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