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June Flowers

June Flowers

June is fast approaching, and with the flurry of anticipated summer activity, it is time to plant both annuals and perennials to create your summer oasis. 

Let me introduce you to some perennial flowers and shrubs that will be sure to awaken your summer senses for years to come!

Lilac Shrub

There is nothing like the heavenly smell of lilacs. These fragrant bushes come in a variety of colours and are also offered as a miniature shrub if you are short on space. 


This climber can make a statement on any fence, arbor or dusty old shed wall.  Some of these June boomers will even bloom again throughout the season.  They come in a variety of colours which will surely enhance any garden structure.


With its stunning colour palette, irises have dramatic foliage with leaves reminiscent of snake plants.  These hardy perennials emerge early and can be divided after only a few years.  These spectacular, delicate flowers will command attention in any garden.

Rioja Red

These plants make any garden look beautiful in June with their bright little flowers.  You can display them in an open border garden, as ground cover or in containers.  Margarita Rioja Red is a drought-tolerant daisy-like annual that enjoys full sun.  This fragrant flower is perfect to cut and bring indoors or can be left outside to attract birds & butterflies.


Lilies are sure to brighten any garden and your whole mood with their beautiful thick flowers of happiness. They come in a variety of different colours, and require very little care, making them the perfect addition to any garden.


This perennial skirting cottages of yesteryear has also enjoyed a resurgence. With their giant beautiful clusters of flowers, this hardy plant that comes in a diverse palette is sure to bring warmth into your garden and home, as well. 

When planning a new garden, consider planting flowers that bloom at different times throughout the season.  Staggering bloom times will ensure colour and lovely scents throughout the summer and fall. What bright colourful flowers are you planning for your garden this June?

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