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Incorporating Fresh Eucalyptus into Your Home

Incorporating Fresh Eucalyptus into Your Home

Fresh Eucalyptus has a tranquil and soothing aroma, useful in adding a textural live element to any space or as a fragrance to set a mood. 

Eucalyptus stems last around 3 weeks in a vase with water- ensure that you cut the stems before placing them in the water. As your Eucalyptus begins to dry out, you will notice that it will hold its shape very nicely and the DIY projects can begin.

Here are some ways you can incorporate Eucalyptus into your home: 

  • In the Bathroom: Hang eucalyptus downward in your shower near the showerhead to assist you in unwinding. Ensure that the branches are just getting damp from the steam and not saturated to avoid moldiness. 
  • In the Bedroom: Add a few sprigs to a vase or jar of water on your nightstand for an instant air freshener to add an element of calm. You can also take some sprigs of eucalyptus leaves and throw them in a sachet/bag to keep your clothes smelling fresh.
  •  In the Kitchen: Add eucalyptus leaves to a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Place a towel on your head and breathe in the steam for headache and congestion relief.
  • In the Living Room: Create your own potpourri using any scents or elements that you desire. If it is around the holidays you could incorporate orange or lemon peels, sage or clove to get your room smelling lovely for guests!
  • In the Laundry Room: Eucalyptus can be used as a natural dye for linens in your utility tub. Check out this interesting experiment we found online: HERE



    Posted by LORRI on

    Hi I bought a bunch of eucalyptus and put it in my outside greenery arrangement… gives it another green hue. I think it really looks nice, the 1st time I put it in my arrangements. I will see how it looks in a month or so ..🤔

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