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Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Inspiration

Ever since I can remember, I have loved decorating for Christmas. In fact, waiting for an appropriate time to put up the tree every year is agonizing. I thought this year would be different. I thought that putting up the trees and decorating at Anna’s would help satiate my need, but the fact is, it has made my desire to decorate at home even stronger. There are so many beautiful holiday items in the shop right now and I feel like I need to take inventory of what I already have, to help me decide on what to purchase. Are any of you feeling the same? If so, I hope this post helps!

It can be challenging to decide what to buy when everything is just so beautiful. 

That’s why we’ve decided to break up the store into separate themes and colour palettes. Not only is it more esthetically pleasing, but it may help guide shoppers to an area where you can find something suited for your home. Or who knows, it may inspire you to create your own themes and colour schemes as well! This year, as you browse through the shop, you may notice the seven themes, which are as follows… 

Woodland Winter

This might be my favourite. Inspired by nature, this theme makes me think of fairy tales from my childhood. Of walking through a snow-filled storybook forest and discovering all the magic and wonder of the creatures that live there. Think deer, owls, bears…Father Christmas, fairies, and gnomes. The colour palette consists of crisp white & creams, brown, black, green, and mint. The colours you would find on a winter walk through the forest with snow flocked evergreens and glittering frosted pine branches. 

Woodland 21” Gnome $49.99 | Father Christmas $29.99 | Forest Fairy $19.99 | Owl $14.99 | Buffalo Plaid Ribbon $19.99 | Happy Holidays Sign $4.99 | Vintage Mint tin $5.99

Christmas in Canada

This theme tells the story of growing up in the Great White North. Of living amongst deer, moose, and bears…of bundling up to skate on the icy pond and warming up after on a cozy plaid blanket, hot cocoa in hand. At the shop, we kept the colours cohesive to the woodland winter, but there is no set-in-stone rule when decorating. This theme can be achieved using any of the colours you like to decorate with! The most important part is that it brings you joy.

Buffalo Plaid Runner $39.99 | Owl $14.99 | Santa $19.99 | Pinecone pick $5.99 | Frosted Greens and Berries Spray $14.99 | Skate ribbon (10 yards) $14.99

Tree Tops Glisten

At the shop, we decorated the silver & gold and rose & champagne trees first. And wow, were they ever showstoppers! These glitzy trees are absolutely stunning and would one hundred percent look great in any home. I love that all the textures, metallics and glitter really help them to stand out, but they remain neutral in colour. Therefore, complementing any style you may have in your home. If you’re looking for a tree with a big impact, look no further!

Glittery Pinecone Ornament $14.99 | 18.5” Dusty Rose Peony Spray $9.99 | Metallic Rose Gold Ribbon (10 yards) $14.99 | 24” Velvet Pink Poinsettia Spray $9.99 | Bird Ornament $2.99

Deer Stocking Hanger $39.99 | Fur Stocking $39.99 | Gold Glitter ribbon (10 yards) $14.99 | Silver Magnolia Spray (33”) $12.99 | Snowflake Glass Ball Ornament $14.99 | Gold & White Glass $9.99 | Glitter Pinecone Spray $4.99 | Styrofoam Silver & White Ball $5.99 | Gold Light Up Glass Tree $24.99 | Silver Bottlebrush Tree $39.99

Cardinals & Berries

Traditionally associated with winter, the red cardinal reminds us to find balance, slow down and to take in the moment. Cardinals are said to bless us with guidance from a higher consciousness, they are a symbol that our loved ones who have passed, are never far from home. I don’t know about you, but this sentiment just warms my heart. What are the holidays, if not shared with those who are dear to us? Cardinals are a great reminder that our loved ones are never too far away. What a perfect addition to your holiday décor!

Dishtowel $9.99 | Ceramic Cardinal $12.99 | Glitter Female Cardinal $14.99 | Red Flower Pick $7.99 | Frosted Berries Pick $5.99 | Joy Ornament $19.99 | Large Red Bell $7.99

Christmas At The Lake

There are so many stunning lakeside properties in the county, from expansive mansions to charming cottages. And I can’t think of a more fitting theme than nautical. Imagine, in a large window overlooking Lake Erie stands a huge snow-flocked blue spruce adorned with white lights, juniper berries and icicles. A tree that blurs the lines from what’s outside or in. Embellished with blue jays, birdhouses and shades of silver, mint and blue. Just dreaming of it leaves me breathless.

Pinecone & Berry Spray (33”) $14.99 | Berry Spray (22”) $9.99 | Blue Feather Pampas Grass (bundle of 3) $9.99 | House Ornament $7.99 | Glittered Bird $14.99 | Styrofoam Ball $3.99 | White Willow Spray (36”) $5.99 | Ribbon (10 yards) $9.99

Storybook Christmas

This theme is full of whimsy and wonder! Sometimes you gotta just let go and enjoy the sillier things in life. After all, they say that people who enjoy silliness are 1/3 more likely to be happy. (For the record, I’m not quite sure who ‘they’ are, but I believe it!) To achieve this look, decorate with felted pompoms, bottlebrush trees, glitter doused swirly pics, and gnomes. Lots and lots of gnomes! I just love creating little mischievous personalities for the gnomes and hiding them in unpredictable places. The options are endless, and oh so entertaining! When creating a whimsical storybook look, use lots of bright reds and greens. And go for the gusto with plenty of textures and patterns. Nothing is off-limits here. Free your inner child and go crazy with the countless possibilities!

Felted Garland $19.99 | Alpine Cabin Runner $29.99 | Pillow $39.99 | Gnome Ribbon (10 yards) $14.99 | Bottlebrush tree $4.99 | All Hearts Come Home for Christmas sign $4.99 | Glass Gnome Ornament $14.99 | Red Gnome $19.99 | Viking Gnome $24.99 | Red & White Felt Tree $39.99 | Green Hope Gnome $39.99

Christmas On The Farm

Here, we encompass true, classic Christmas. Take a moment to reflect on the holiday movies we watched as kids, and let that be your guide. Classic red/burgundy and green accompanied by black and white all wrapped up in a plaid ribbon! Envision vintage trucks hauling evergreens that Dad cut down at the farm. Bells and snowmen and Santa on his sleigh. You can never go wrong with this timeless, traditional style.

Vintage Decorative Mint Tin $12.99 | Metal Sign $5.99 | Santa in Pyjamas $39.99 | Tea towels (set of 2) $14.99 | Buffalo Plaid Table Runner $39.99 | Joy Christmas Ornament $4.99 | Twig and Bells Spray $14.99

There are so many fun ways to decorate for Christmas, these themes are simply tools to help inspire you. If you get a chance to come to Anna’s, I promise it won’t disappoint. The store filled to the brim with Christmas spirit. And we just love helping you find ways to bring the holiday magic into your homes.

Merry Little Christmas Sign $39.99

Remember, the most important rule to follow is that you love it. However you choose to decorate for the holidaysmy hope is that your Christmas dreams come true.



    Posted by Pat on

    I love that you have designated each area to a theme. Your store is kept so beautifully always. Such fun to shop there

  • Posted by Laura Lambier on

    Awesome ideas for Christmas decorating. Think I see a woodland fairy coming home with me!

  • Posted by Laura Lambier on

    Awesome ideas for Christmas decorating. Think I see a woodland fairy coming home with me!

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