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Holiday Magic in the Heart of Your Home

Holiday Magic in the Heart of Your Home

‘The kitchen is the heart of the home.’

We hear this phrase so often, and it stands true - over the holidays more than ever! When it comes to Christmas gatherings, the kitchen often becomes a central point for socializing. This is a space that can encourage conversation, laughter, and a sense of togetherness. So, it is only natural to want to spread some festive Christmas cheer into this room that we spend so much of our time in. Holiday-inspired kitchen decor sets the stage for joyful interactions and creates a backdrop for memorable moments that will be cherished for years to come.

Wreath $69.99 | Sm Christmas tree $59.99 | Herringbone tea towel $19.99

The kitchen is a part of the home where surface area is functional and best left uncluttered. That being said, there are plenty of options for decorating without interfering with the critical business that goes on in this room.

The use of greenery and natural elements is a timeless and charming way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into the kitchen for the holidays. It is the simplest way to add big impact to any space. In the kitchen, there are plenty of ways to add seasonal greens. Garland can be set atop upper cabinets or around a kitchen window. I am absolutely in love with this window garland I saw online while looking for inspiration! 

📷 Source: house of hood blog

Wreaths can be hung on pantry doors, hood vents, and windows. Or if you want to showcase great cabinetry - hanging a small wreath by ribbon from each upper cabinet is absolutely stunning!

Cedar and pinecone pick $4.99 | Sm Christmas tree $59.99

I helped a friend decorate for the holidays and her kitchen is a showstopper! We achieved this charming look by adorning her pendant lights with picks of greenery and added a little bow to hide the stem and bring it all together.

Cedar and pinecone pick $4.99 | Striped ribbon (10 yards)  $7.99 | Bows - prices vary

Live greens such as Christmas Cactus and Poinsettia are also great way to add cheer to the kitchen – so long as you have adequate light.

4" poinsettia $5.99 | Festive pot $14.99 | Christmas greeting art in frame $29.99

Showcasing your Christmas dishware is another wonderful way to decorate. Creating a little coffee or hot chocolate station is simple & affordable. Bring out a couple of festive mugs and use candy canes and marshmallows in jars as décor items to help create a little vignette.

Santa mugs $19.99 | 16" berry & pine spray $12.99

Santa mugs $19.99Santa plate $24.99

This year at Anna’s we have some beautiful dishware.  These evergreen & pinecone tea mugs and saucers are absolutely gorgeous! I love that they aren’t ‘Christmas’ specific and can be used all through fall and winter seasons.

Winter pine mug $19.99 | Saucer $ 14.99

We also have a line of vintage inspired Santa dishes that I am swooning over. With vintage bakeware like colourful Pyrex mixing bowls still on the rise, these kitschy kitchen items are sure to be a hit! This line of dishware offers mugs, a cream & sugar set, a small serving plate, and a cookie jar. All sold separately so you are free to mix and max. These would be perfect for Christmas brunch!

Merry Christmas wood sign $69.99 | Airtight Cookie jar $49.99 | Santa mug $19.99 | Cream & sugar dish set $39.99 | Herringbone tea towels $19.99

Adding textiles to any room is always beneficial in décor – and the kitchen is no different. The soft and festive touch of a tea towel folded atop a counter or hanging from the stove is an easy and functional way to add a bit of Christmas spirit into the kitchen. (I love adding towels to my décor, as they are useful with packing up delicates when the season is over 😉)

Lastly, for holiday decorating in the kitchen, I like to swap out my everyday décor items for seasonal ones. In the kitchen, it is important to keep the space functional, so swapping out instead of adding more is crucial for keeping your area clutter free.

Sm Christmas tree $59.99 | 16 oz Crossroads candle $19.99Ceramic deer $12.99

Wooden Christmas plaque $24.99 | Mistletoe pinch plate $9.99 | Bottlebrush trees $14.99, $19.99 & $29.99 | 8" Pot holders $14.99

At my friends house I am simply adding a little Christmas tree near the sink, and nestling a couple bottlebrush trees amongst her utensils.

Whether hosting holiday gatherings, baking Christmas treats, or simply enjoying the ambiance of yuletide joy, the kitchen is a haven for creating cherished moments and sharing in the joy of the season. Infusing this heart of the home with holiday spirit creates a magical backdrop for memories to be made. 


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