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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

As we slide into this beautiful autumn season, it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away!  I know it might seem a little silly to plan for an extravagant Thanksgiving dinner this year as we can’t be together in the way we normally would. That is all the more reason we should make the extra effort to make this holiday memorable.  This Thanksgiving may look different, but we should still celebrate because we have so much to be grateful for. Maybe you’ll risk an adventurous new culinary addition to your Thanksgiving spread or maybe splurge on decorations for your small gathering.  I’m grateful for the small Thanksgiving gathering this year because it means more togetherness, and less time having to worry about the house being clean or having to hide the dirty laundry. I’ll be thankful to just enjoy each other’s company this year in our small intimate thanksgiving.

We are spending Thanksgiving with our 3 little girls and we are making a fancy fun family dinner. We are taking out the good dishes and letting the kids drink their juice out of wine glasses.

I’ve created a few small tablescapes to inspire you to do the same for your little Thanksgiving.

This is actually one of my simple practical favourites for every day. Just a fall wreath I purchased at Anna‘s with some basic candles in the middle, no other fuss or clutter on the table. This table is practical for every day but elegant enough for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.

Another one of my favourites for decorating is tiny gords and pumpkins! The kids love getting to pick them out and they make for cheap and simple table dressing. Adding in natural elements brings so much life to a tablescape, and then when you’re done you can reuse them on your fall porch.

When decorating a tablescape, it’s a good idea to use items of different heights and textures. I chose a large orange pumpkin for this tablescape because it draws your eye as a beautiful focal point but isn’t so tall that it blocks conversation.

This tablescape is actually my favourite and this is how we’re going to be decorating this Thanksgiving.  I’m a mom of three little girls and pink is kind of our thing. I know it’s not the traditional fall colour with the white eucalyptus and the frosted pinecones but I loved the ghost pumpkins and all the bright beauty they provided with the luminescent glow of the candles in this tablescape.  

However you’re spending Thanksgiving this holiday season, take the time and write down all the wonderful things you’re thankful for. Enjoy the little things and the small family traditions you make this year because that’s really what Thanksgiving is all about. Happy Thanksgiving🍂

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