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Broken Top Candle Co.

Broken Top Candle Co.

There is something about discovering a scent that has the ability to take you to another time and place. Broken Top Candle Co, tells the story of the Pacific Northwest – in an eco-conscious, hand-crafted, sustainable way! 

So maybe we don’t live in the mountains or along the coast- but who says our skin and linens can’t smell that way? Founded in 2015, Broken Top Candle Company is a lifestyle brand that started with candles and has now grown past its name – offering a collection of scented products with a unique expression of notes blended from a personal catalog of family traditions, expressed in a modern context – both familiar and unexpected. 

With all of their products being gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and vegan, they are loved by men and women alike! Manufactured in Bend, Oregon nestled at the base of the Cascade Mountain Range; Bend is surrounded by several volcanic and non-volcanic mountains including Mt. Bachelor, the Three Sisters, and Broken Top. Broken Top is classified as a stratovolcano that last erupted over 100,000 years ago. The highest peak of the mountain sits at 9,179 feet. 

So who is behind this beautifully branded line? 

A unique father-daughter-duo – it all started with entrepreneur Affton Coffelt slaving over a small batch of handmade candles in her tiny kitchen in the late hours of the night, selling them to family and friends quickly turned into selling them by the case and a complete brand evolution. This is when she discovered she couldn’t do it alone and called upon her dad, Steve Shouse where the operation spread into his garage and now their 6,000-square foot manufacturing facility. We love this small-town, family run success story! 

Broken Top Candle Co. products can you find at Anna’s:

  • Linen Spray: Natural linen spray’s from Broken Top Candle Company is made with organic-based ingredients for a luxurious experience. Safe for skin, room, and linen use.
  • Hand Soap: Their soap contains simple & clean ingredients such as organic aloe leaf juice as a base & mild essential oils. This 4-in-1 soap is perfect for use on hands, body, hair, or as a bubble bath.
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