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Gifts to make Moms Heart Happy!

Gifts to make Moms Heart Happy!

A Mother’s job is never done. There is no start or finish time. No pay...not in currency that is. A Mothers pay is far greater. A Mothers pay is directly deposited into her heart. Although the hours are endless and the work is far from easy, being a mom has, in my experience, proven to be the absolute most rewarding job. When it comes to Motherhood, skills & qualifications are learned on the job. All you have to do is show up.

And moms show up over and over again. From cooking our favourite meals to offering a listening ear, moms are always there for us. So, this mothers day, lets all lavish our own mothers with love and gifts to show how much she means to us.
Different Moms have different interests. The important thing is that you are thoughtful in your gift and choose something that caters to her likes. Anna’s carries all kinds of giftable goods that moms LOVE! And if your mom isn’t one for gifting, bring her in for a little quality time and begin your annual gardening journey – together.

Before I go on with the gift guide, let me tell you that what every mom really wants, is simply some recognition & appreciation. If presents aren’t in your budget, she most likely wouldn’t want you stressing or breaking the bank over a gift. A simple card with a lovely handwritten note will be just as meaningful, if not more, than any store-bought gift.

Quilling Cards $9.99

That being said, if and when we can, we all like to spoil the ones we love! So read on to find some gift ideas for Mom this year.

For the Outdoorsy Mom
If you have a mom who is out in the yard more often than in the house, something for the garden would be an excellent gift. It’s likely that your mom would appreciate flowers that will grow rather than a bouquet of cut flowers. Why not gift her with a magnificent butterfly garden that returns year after year – stronger each season – just like your love. This adorable butterfly house comes with an assortment of 20 flower bulbs to attract beautiful butterflies and honeybees to the garden.


For the Sleep Deprived Mom
Does the mom in your life have trouble turning off her brain at night? Yeah, me too! Help her ease into a sweet slumber with a bedside diffuser and essential oils. Essential oils are powerful & the right blend can help her drift away to the wonderful land of REM sleep. Glorious.


Essential oils-prices vary | Electronic diffuser $74.99 | Complete essential oil recipe book $19.99

For the Fancy Mom
Did you know that Anna’s carries jewellery? We have a carefully curated selection of quality jewellery that any mom would wear proudly!

jj + rr earnings $34.99 | Scout gemstone necklace $29.99 | Lucky Feather 'Mama' necklace $24.99

For the Mom Who Loves to Cook
I don’t know about yours, but my mom LOVES her kitchen gadgets. Whenever I’m stumped as to what to give her, kitchen trinkets are always a good idea. Anna’s has such wonderful kitchen supplies. From bamboo utensils to bowl covers, to the most beautiful tea towels. Come peruse the kitchen isle and surely you will find something mom will enjoy!

Decorative towel $12.99 | Reusable Bowl covers (2 pk) $24.99 | Bamboo salad/pasta spoons $29.99 | Garlic mango dressing $9.00

For the Busy Mom
Is your mom constantly on the go? Being a chef, a chauffeur, a cleaning lady, an event planner, and likely an employee too is not for the faint of heart. If it seems your mom is always on the go, why not give her some fuel to start her day? Anna’s carries Balzaks and My Grind coffee. Both are locally roasted and have a variety of fantastic blends to choose from. Coffee alone doesn’t look like much of an impressive gift, so why not add a cute mug and sugar bowl to make it complete.

My Grind Coffee $14.99 | Mug $19.99 | Air tight jar $19.99 | Small wooden spoon $9.99

For the Mom who could use some Alone Time
Calling all husbands! And young adults living at home! Your wife or Mom likely works tirelessly to appease the family. Why not treat her to breakfast in bed. Start her day off on an incredible note with her favourite breakfast and a magazine. Leafing through a good old fashioned magazine is a luxury most moms love and rarely have the time for. Give her the gift of relaxation with a slow start to the day. Every mom’s dream come true!

Wooden tray $59.99 | Blue side dish $24.99 | Mug $19.99 | 13 x 36" Xoxo lumbar pillow $49.99 

So often we take for granted all that our moms do for us, but Mothers Day is the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude. Mothers are the epitome of love, care, and sacrifice. They work tirelessly to ensure the happiness and well being of their children. It’s only fitting that we take this special day to shower them with love and appreciation.
Now get to it! And remember…Moms the word 🤫


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    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your families

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