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Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

There is nothing better than the smell of eucalyptus, pine needles, cookies baking and all the other wonderful smells that come with the holidays. No matter how old I get I always feel like a child at Christmas. Bringing out those special ornaments that remind me of when I was small and re-watching all the favourite holiday classic movies. This Christmas, let’s enjoy all the wonders that the holidays will bring!

Don’t be afraid to go overboard with greenery this holiday season! This year hang it from your art, your chandeliers and the backs of your dining chairs for some extra holiday cheer.  You can hang a wreath anywhere you like!

Our Christmas tree is artificial but I love the smell and look of a real Christmas tree. To liven up my artificial tree, I add real fresh branches, sticking them throughout the tree so I get that real tree look and smell!

There is something exciting about decorating with fresh greens as the wonderful aroma fills your house, but there is also a downside – after a few weeks it can become a crispy mess looking sad before the holidays arrive…Did you know that giving your garland and wreaths a bath before you hang them will help them last longer? When you bring home fresh greens, let them soak in room temperature water in the bathtub/bucket for 24 hours!  Doing this should help them absorb all the extra moisture they need,  and will stop them from getting dry and making a mess before Christmas day arrives. I’ve had my garland up for two weeks now and it feels and smells as fresh as the day I got it. You can add in some extra essential oils of your choice so they keep that amazing smell even longer.

Once the greenery is done having a bath, you’ll want to let it dry for 4-6 hours. You can hang it in the shower or find a place outside where you’ll have enough space to spread out the greens.  Make sure the area you use is above 4 degrees Celsius.

There are so many options for hanging fresh greens! I like to use command hooks so I don’t have to drill into my walls or siding. I like that they are very inexpensive and easy for anyone to install. If you are trying to hang a wreath or garland on the brick you won’t be able to hang command strips so I recommend using brick clips they are a great alternative without having to put holes in your house.

We also have artificial wreaths and garland which are a great for reusing every year.

There’s something about having garland cascading down your banister – it just seems to be that little added extra touch to make the house feel festive when I walk in the front door at the end of the day. When installing garland on my banister I simply just tie it with twine! It camouflages nicely with the Garland but you can also use ribbon and make big bows that stand out as extra decoration. I also like adding little battery-operated twinkle lights for that extra sparkle.

Did you know wreaths aren’t just for your front door? This year try adding extra greenery and texture around your home over the holidays… hang them in hallways, hang them over picture frames… hang some simple fresh greens over wall sconces with a little piece of ribbon to add holiday cheer!

Let’s make it a December to remember, making our homes so cozy and festive inside and out to bring sparkling joy to all who need it this year!🎄

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