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Calluna Vulgaris: Heather

Calluna Vulgaris: Heather

Inject vivid life into your landscape, with Heather, a low growing perennial shrub that blooms generously from August through to November. Incorporate these cute plants as a means of ground cover with its interesting bushy look and abundance of flowers.

Heather has the marvellous ability to change colour as the weather changes, with a late Summer flower, the bloomer will add a pop of colour at a time when your garden needs it most. Low maintenance, Winter hardy, drought tolerant (once established) plant, that is fairly easy to grow!

Information, Care & Maintenance for Calluna Vulgaris: Heather

  • Sun: Full Sun or part shade is ideal. Aim for your Heather to receiving at least a half-day of sun. Noting that full sun is better as the foliage colours intensity when fully exposed.
  • Size & Spacing: Heather will grow to be 24” tall x 30” wide. When planting you will want to space the plants as far apart as their mature width and at least 2’ away from other shrubs to ensure there is proper circulation.
  • Water & Soil: Heather prefers to be semi-moist, not soggy. We would recommend watering once or twice a week when the soil is dry, throughout the first growing season. Mulch Heather after planting.
  • Fertilizer: This is not necessary as this type of perennial actually thrives and prefers poor soil
  • Plant: It is recommended you plant Heather in the Fall or early Spring to allow the plants to become established.

Varieties you may find available at Anna’s Garden, Home & Wellness, while supplies last:

  • Agneta: Lime green tips and evergreen base
  • Linda: Pink tips and an evergreen base
  • Renate: Purple and evergreen base
  • Siska: Wine coloured tips with an evergreen base
  • Trio: Combination of white, pink and purple blooms
  • Venus: White tips with an evergreen base

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