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Kitchen Boas

Kitchen Boas

For some, a kitchen is a place of reprieve, a space of healing to bake or cook when one’s mind gets too jumbled with thoughts or when a loved one is going through a hard time and food care packages are their love language. We’re positive we all have at least one or two of these people in our lives, who love cooking or hosting and that we absolutely look forward to seeing!

So the next time you are planning to stop by for a visit, why not surprise them with a little gift of thanks for all the cooking or baking they’ve shared with you over the years. A sweet kitchen boa, with a heartfelt message of care, is something they will surely be grateful for as it’s handy and super cute!

This week we want to introduce you to Laura Laiben, founder of The Culinary Center of Kansas City and the creator of the Kitchen Boa! Laura grew up in a small German community in Missouri where her passion for the culinary arts began at a young age while making pastry dough with her grandmother.

For Laura, cooking is about so much more than making meals – it’s about the magic that happens around the table. So she decided to open The Culinary Centre – a unique venue dedicated to the education, cultivation, and appreciation of food, wine and culinary tradition. With 2 teaching kitchens and event space, the centre invites all skill levels to join cooking classes as well as offers private events and catering!

Not only did she build this center, but Laura also designed the Kitchen boa, a unique accessory that is a stylish reinvention of the tea towel. We’ve all seen our parents drape their hand towel over their shoulder while cooking/cleaning, the kitchen boa is designed to be tucked neatly around the neck for handy, clean and worry-free cooking! As a strong believer in cleaning as you go, the kitchen boa, Laura believed, allows you to be more efficient in the kitchen making it easier and much more enjoyable!

Choose from a variety of designs- festive for different holidays or every day! Perfect for yourself or as a gift to the person in your life who loves hosting and spending time in the kitchen!

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