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Calathea White Fusion

Calathea White Fusion

Another week, another houseplant! This week we’re calling all houseplant enthusiasts with the arrival of the rare and gorgeous Calathea White Fusion! Adored for their lovely variegated green and white marbled leaves, it’s the lilac underside that truly makes this variety unique!

Calathea is a tropical species that have become extremely popular in the houseplant world! Distinguished by their bold markings and gorgeous blends of colours, they are also referred to as peacock, rattlesnake, and zebra plants! A moderately fast-grower, the Calathea White Fusion is a showy, eye-catching plant that will have guests wondering where they can find one of their own!

Calathea White Fusion Care & Maintenance:

  • Light: Bright indirect light. Avoid south-facing windows where intense direct sunlight is common. East, West, or North facing windows usually work well. Direct sunlight will cause the leaves to fade and lose their markings.
  • Water: Keep soil consistently moist. Once the top inch of soil is dry, you know it is time for water. Crispy leaves are an indicator of an overly dry plant. Ensure adequate drainage to avoid root rot. Room temperature tap water (ideally left overnight to reduce the potential for fluoride toxicity), distilled or rainwater is recommended by most plant enthusiasts.
  • Temperature & Humidity: Tropical Calathea appreciates humidity and dislikes extreme temperature changes. To increase the humidity in your space try a pebble tray or position near a humidifier or diffuser. A visit to the kitchen or bathroom for added humidity will also make your Calathea happy!
  • Fertilizer: 20-20-20 general purpose houseplant liquid fertilizer monthly during growing months. Stop fertilizer during the winter months.
  • Maintenance: Calathea White Fusion foliage is extremely delicate, try to avoid leaf shine spray, wipe leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate height 40-60cm. Calathea is moderately fast growing.

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