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Autumn Bulbs & When to Plant Them

Autumn Bulbs & When to Plant Them

If you want to embrace next spring with early blooms, nows the time to plant those bulbs into the ground! Think Crocus, Hyacinthus, Tulips, Allium, and Narcissus to name a few. 

The joy that comes from seeing bulbs that we planted with our own two hands grow into beautiful vibrant blooms, a gift of nature, is something we will never grow tired of.

 Some of the first signs of Spring pop up from bulbs in our garden each year, and it's such a sweet reminder of all the growth and change that happens even in the darkness as the ground seems to be just laying dormant.

Planting time is best when evening temperatures drop between 40-50 degrees (about 6 weeks before the ground begins to freeze). 

These spring blooms are considered "dormant perennials". The cool, moist autumn soil helps to awaken their roots, allowing for sufficient growth time and helping them prepare for full blooms in the Spring!

With each passing year at Anna's, our seed and bulb space seems to be ever expanding - more requests for unique varieties and more homeowners experimenting with growing their own fruits, veggies and flowers! It warms our hearts to think of so many of you getting your hands in the dirt and the joy your garden will bring you!

Crocus: Aim to plant these during September - November. Being a perennial, these bulbs will bloom every spring and will most likely multiply over the years!

Narcissus (Daffodils): These bulbs should be in the ground no later than October, planted 6" - 8" deep and 6" apart from each other to avoid their root systems getting tangled up.

Tulips: The soil needs to have begined cooling off before planting Tulip bulbs as they require a chilling period in order to bloom. Planting in September - October is reccomended, depending on temperatures. 

Allium: Begin to plant these during September - October. They'll be happy with full sun and good drainage (drainage is crucial, otherwise it can cause root rot). Allium's will continue to come back every year with little-to-no maitenence. 

Hyacinthus: These can be planted any time after the first frost and before the ground freezes. Hyacinthus bulbs can be planted individually or 5 or more in a larger area.

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