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A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Throw Blanket 39.99 | Mug 14.99

As I sit here, coffee in hand, writing peacefully by the morning sun, the house sleeps. This is my new morning routine. It’s time to embrace the quiet, gentle start of autumn. My favourite season. 

To me, autumn feels like a reset. A new beginning. As the busyness of summer closes its door, we can begin to fall back into our normal routines. Isn’t it refreshing?! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. And we’ve had a great one! 

For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stacy. I’m happily married and have been with my husband for about 17 wild and crazy years! We’ve had many adventures together, including renovating a van and moving across the country in it. While we love to travel and fly by the seat of our pants, four years ago we decided to move to Kingsville and make roots here. We absolutely love this town. It is an incredible place to raise our two children. I guess I should mention that as well – I’m a proud mother of two of the most hilarious and kind-hearted kids. 

The majority of my time and energy is spent with my family & friends. Although, when I can, I work reupholstering furniture. I love the gratification of taking something old and worn and breathing new life into it. I’m passionate about home decor and love a good DIY project!

This summer has gifted us with many laughs and long nights outdoors. But, as the days get shorter, I find comfort in the slower pace autumn brings. Fewer plans, less travel. Time to reflect inward. To me, this feels like the new year. Time to reset and make goals, perhaps even stick to them!

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely used the hardships of these last 18 months as an excuse to let some of my personal goals fall through the cracks. And that’s ok. We have to bend with the seasons of our lives, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that. This has been a tricky time, to say the least. Personally, autumn feels like a ‘me’ season. The kids go back to school, the nights come earlier…and that means, more me time. Time to finally take a long, relaxing, hot bath.

Exfoliating Washcloth $14.99 | Dot & Lil  Eucalyptus Lime Bath Salts $24.99 | Dot & Lil Rice Flower Milk Bath $24.99 | Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze $34.99 | Farmhouse Fresh Pedicure Sampler $24.99

Dot & Lil  Eucalyptus Lime Bath Salts $24.99 | Dot & Lil Rice Flower Milk Bath $24.99 | Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze $34.99 | Farmhouse Fresh Pedicure Sampler $24.99

Time to cozy up in a blanket with a candle burning and read a book. 

Swan Creek Candle Co (spiced orange & cinnamon) $29.99 | Throw Blanket 39.99
4” Peperomia Rosso $19.99 | 5.5” Pot with Saucer $12.99 | Mug 14.99 | Wooden coasters x 4 $29.99

It’s not all fun and games though. This time of year does bring one daily chore which I despise the most. And I’m sure many of you can agree with me on this one…the packing of school lunches. It doesn’t take long, and it’s not difficult. I have no idea why I dread packing lunches so much! I just do. So, in order to start my days on a happy note, I pack my kids’ lunches in the evening. Sometimes I even steal one of their tablets and watch a show while I do it! Or crank the tunes and have a little dance party! If it were up to my daughter, she would just eat the same thing every day. And if I get her input on what I should pack, she will always respond with, “pizza, strawberries & treats”. Nice try kiddo! Anna’s offers great produce, as we all know. But did you know they carry excellent snackables for lunches too?

Insulated lunch tote $39.99 | Flourish protein pancake/waffle mix $12:99 | Golden acres peaches $7.50 | Sun Tropics Banana Chips $3.99 | Round wood serving board $39.99

How do you set up your days? Personally, I like to tackle the less desirable chores in the evening. I find it’s easier to sleep knowing that the kitchen is clean & lunches are made. Knowing that I can set my alarm, not for duties yet to be confronted, but, so I can enjoy the start of the day alone. Peacefully and by myself. It gives me a chance to hear my inner voice. It might sound silly, but there aren’t many other moments for me to be alone. Also, if I fulfill my duties at night, it gives me more time to have quality moments & just be silly with the kids. One thing that virtual learning and lockdowns have brought, is more time with our families. As challenging as it has been, I AM forever grateful for the family time it offered us. And I will miss this kid so much as she goes back to school.

Hi There Pumpkin welcome mat $29.99 | 9” Garden Mum 7.99| 11” clay pot $29.99 | Macrame throw pillow $59.99

What are you looking most forward to this fall? Personally, I AM so excited to begin my transition into Visual Lead for Anna’s. Can’t wait to see you there!

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