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Welcoming the Joy of Autumn into your Home

Welcoming the Joy of Autumn into your Home

Camel hat $59.99 | Small pampas grass $14.99 | String of bananas $19.99 | 3” pot $4.99 | Round placemat $14.99

It is no secret that autumn is my favourite season. As summer comes to an end, I find myself longing for autumn’s crisp, fresh, air. The changing of the leaves and the early, cool nights just cannot be beat. This is mother nature, at her finest. To celebrate the beginning of this magical season, I find, it’s nice to bring some of those fall elements indoors. To start, I open all the windows to invite the fresh air in. Nothing wakes up the house more than a crisp, cool breeze. 

From there, I love changing out the seasonal décor in the house! It’s the easiest way to give my home a little facelift. If decorating for the season is a new concept for you, I highly recommend taking a little trip to Anna’s to check out all their drool worthy fall merchandise. Run, don’t walk!

In the book ‘The aesthetics of Joy’ Ingrid Fetell speaks of the practice of Joyspotting. The simple practice of tuning your attention to the joy in your surroundings. One of the elements listed which often brings joy, is abundance. Fetell states, “Lush, textured, or layered, a sense of abundance is another clue to the presence of joy. Look for exuberance and variety, like the fruits piled high in front of the produce shop…”. 
So, it comes as no surprise that Anna’s is our happy place. And right now the store is bursting with the most gorgeous selection of autumn flowers, cushions, pumpkins, candles…everything you would possibly need to get set for fall.
For me, the biggest challenge is what to choose. It’s easy to get carried away when everything is just so darn beautiful. When shopping for the home at any of my favourite shops I will either…
  1. Grab a large quantity of small(ish) items. By the time I get to the checkout, the cart is FULL, I realize what I’ve done, panic, and as the cashier scans, I shamefully remove as much as I can.
  2. Leave empty handed because I simply cannot be forced to choose.
It can be overwhelming to go through a store when you have to uphold a budget. Luckily, when sprucing up your home for the season there are plenty of choices that won’t break the bank. If you are unsure where to start, it’s always good to begin with the basics. Switch out pillows and throw blankets first. 
Throw blanket $49.99 | Tassel cushion $49.99 | Small Lumbar Cushion $59.99 | Table runner | Urban Jungle 4” plant $19.99 | Ceramic Pumpkin $12.99 | Charger Plate $9.99
This time of year, when the sun goes down early, it’s nice to add some candles where you can too. The light from a candle adds so much atmosphere. And if you ask me, NOTHING beats the scent of orange spice & cinnamon!
Knitted Pumpkins $7.99
Autumn Gnome $14.99
And while I love houseplants, I have to admit, I do have some faux flowers at home. I use them to add colour on shelves where sunlight doesn’t hit. In the fall, I like to switch up my tulips for something a little more appropriate.
Acacia Wood Serve & Cut board $39.99 | Stoneware jar with bamboo lid $19.99 | ‘Spice things up’ spoon rest $14.99 | Cotton dishcloth set of 3 $19.99 | Black Watering jug $29.99 | 17’ Mini sedum spray $9.99 | Dishtowel $7.99
Adding a few tasteful autumn hints into the home is a great way to prepare for the season without getting carried away. We all know there is plenty more to come. Soon front porches will be adorned with pumpkins, hay and corn stalks. And our tables will be spruced up in anticipation of the family gatherings to come.
However you choose to welcome this most magnificent season, I wish you joy & abundance!

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