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Preparing for my Next Season in Life; A heartfelt thank you.

Preparing for my Next Season in Life; A heartfelt thank you.

The time has come! My hospital bags are packed, our list of names is narrowed down, and the hypochondriac in me is over-analyzing any sign that baby’s on his way. With our family growing, life is about to get pretty chaotic, so I want to take this time to send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone who followed along in my blogging journey.

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We’re in a day and age where it’s difficult finding connections with people and sometimes navigating through all the changes can be daunting. Having this platform to connect with like-minded plant and home decor enthusiasts, was such a breath of fresh air and with information changing daily and opposing opinions on the rise, it was so nice finding a common ground with people in my community.

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Inviting you into my home in a time where I wasn’t allowed to have anyone in my home, gave me a great deal of excitement and purpose. Anna’s provided me with the creative outlet I needed to keep my overactive mind at ease with every detour we had to adjust to this past year.

As I begin the next chapter of motherhood, raising 3 tiny humans, I encourage you to find that creative outlet that helps distract you from the changes we are facing daily. Perhaps you can find excitement in learning how to care for and grow new plants in your garden or in your home.


Finding little hobbies to enhance our knowledge and build our self-esteem is a great way to focus our minds on something a little more positive.
Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to prepare myself for a shift in day-to-day life and focus on little changes I can make, so that welcoming a baby into our home is as smooth of a transition as possible. Whether you’re preparing for a child, a move, or a new career change, there are always things we can do to make that transition easier.

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I’ve stocked my fridge and freezer with healthy food options to help fuel me with the proper energy I need to make it through those sleepless newborn nights.

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I have also become a big fan of lists. I have been busy writing out a combination of what to grab, baby names and meal plans for when we come home.  I find preparing myself for what’s next has eased my mind for anything unexpected.

This is an easy thing to do even for everyday living. Jotting down information has helped me clear the endless files in my head and gave me the freedom to feel like everything is under control.

I also find great comfort in keeping a tidy home. Though it’s difficult most days with two toddlers ripping it apart as soon as I put things together, keeping on top of it and not letting things pile up has been a top priority for me, especially for the coming weeks. I’m training myself on the habit, don’t put it down, put it away!

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At the end of the day, my mental health is the most important factor in being prepared for the next chapter in my life. Taking 20 mins for yourself whether it’s before bed, after work, or while the kid’s nap, is key to allowing our brains to rest so we can conquer what’s next on the agenda.

As I pass the torch to our next very sweet and kind blogger, I encourage you to embrace the beauty of change. Our gardens are a perfect reflection of how over time our landscapes will change and grow and become more bountiful throughout every season of its life. Even the darkest of storms have rainbows that follow close behind and getting to a point in life where we can see that, is a sure sign that you are on the right path. Finding inspiration in hobbies, like growing flowers or reading the latest articles on things that interest you are perfect little stepping stones in embracing what’s next.

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