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Transitioning Through Seasons of Life + An Exciting Job Opportunity

Transitioning Through Seasons of Life + An Exciting Job Opportunity

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Each season surprises us with an array of new perennial blossoms and blooms that change the landscape of our home. We thank the flowers that are resting, yet again for another wonderful year of joy and delight and embrace the new set of buds that lead us through our seasonal transitions.

Just like my gardens, our family is also entering the next season of change and excited for the fresh new bundle we are blessed to welcome into our home. With every new season comes a bittersweet farewell and a moment to be thankful for all it has given us. Friendship, growth, experience and freedom to be creative and embrace all that I love are only a few of the great things I have harvested from my family at Annas.

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I started my journey at Annas as a part-time cashier/garden associate. The close-knit family dynamic is what drew me in and inspired me to embrace my true love for what it is I’m doing. Working alongside Marlene and Anna has taught me not only the meaning of being passionate about your work but that with hard work and lots of love, great things will blossom. In the years I have worked at Annas, I have seen so much growth and change and felt appreciated and validated when I’d suggest minor changes, which gave me the confidence I needed to get to where I AM today.

As time went by, my love for design was quickly noticed and I soon became the Visual Lead /Merchandiser for Annas. Working alongside an amazing team of visionaries, I get to enjoy my work week coordinating new displays and creating small stories throughout the store to better inspire our customers to imagine our handpicked merchandise in their own homes.

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My main priority as a Visual Lead is to inspire and create an enjoyable atmosphere for our visitors each day. After a year of being stuck in our homes, relying on Pinterest and Instagram to stimulate our creative juices, it was so nice to be able to see the look on peoples faces as they were finally welcomed into our doors and were able to fully embrace that shopping experience so many of us craved.

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As the visual lead, one of the perks to my role is getting to see firsthand all the new and exciting merchandise that arrives weekly. As merchandise is being unpacked, immediately my mind starts thinking of ways I can not only incorporate it into the store but also how it would look and feel in our homes. This is where my blogging role came into place.

If you are reading along, you most likely already know about our weekly blog posts. This is a creative area that allows me to put all my thoughts and feelings onto paper, or in this case a sharable post.

I have always loved to write. I admit, throughout school, I never excelled in English. Spelling and grammar were always a struggle for me as much as I practiced. I have always been more of a visual arts person. However, I have always loved writing in journals and keeping track of my day-to-day wins, achievements, failures and anything else that came to mind. Becoming the blogger for Annas has allowed me to take my creative ability at work and re-imagine it in my own home.

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Often I have customers telling me how amazing of a job this must be, having the ability to be surrounded by such beauty and warmth every day. However, yes, the greenhouse is bursting with brilliant colours and inspiration for all, I can truly say that the real beauty that echoes through Annas is the genuine, kind-hearted staff that I get to work with every day.

With every great adventure comes an ending or a start to a new beginning. This next chapter of raising three little boys will test us like nothing else ever has. It is both scary and exciting all at the same time. No matter what the journey is, a career change, a new baby, maybe a move across the country, or even starting a new relationship with a friend or partner, life can be scary but it is often so very rewarding. Taking the leap is only the first step in entering the next chapter of your personal story.

With the changes that are quickly approaching for me, we are looking for someone to fill my space while I navigate life with three kiddos. If this creative role resonates with you, and you share a similar passion for design and would like to share your abilities in a retail setting, you can apply at

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