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These are a few of my favourite things!

These are a few of my favourite things!

Today I’m counting a few of my favourite items from Anna’s! Will your favourite items make the list? Come see what a couple of my Anna‘s favourites are and tell me what you love too!

1. Candles!  Candles make a great addition to any home.  Not only do they fill your space with a magical luminescent glow at night, but their round shape helps gives any display height, texture and style.  I love that these candles make my whole living space smell amazing and provide a calming ambiance for summer nights.

2. Kombucha! A refreshing drink in an amber glass bottle!  In addition to the health benefits of this popular drink, I love to reuse these bottles to decorate and organize my home.  I also use them to store non-toxic homemade cleaners in style. 

3. Bath bombs!  My next favourite are bath bombs.  Find time to pamper yourself and have a nice relaxing bath with our beautiful collection of bath bombs and bath accessories. Even if you’re not a bath person, I love the light aroma their presence provides for my washroom, and they are also the perfect little styling accessory for any bathroom.

4. Honey!  If you thought Sun Parlour honey was delicious, their cinnamon honey is amazing!  I pick up a jar every week for my kiddos and the  glass jar is perfectly sized to reuse to organize my spices and seeds.

5. The new fabulous Monstera plant! I’m so in love with this little Monstera plant – I’ve only had it about a month but it’s already grown so long it’s almost ready to be cut and propagated to make a new plant.

6. Reusable produce bags! These are the perfect reusable bags.  They come in three different sizes and they are great for storing produce in your fridge. Plastic bags from the grocery store lack the durability and strength of reusable bags.  Reusable bags can hold more food, are washable and are a stylish, eco-friendly alternative that will last for years! 

7. Kitchen accessories. This gold ladle brings me joy every time I use it. It’s small and dainty, and perfect for fall soups and stews. Serve in style with new accessories!

8. Tiny llama paperweights! These little llamas may be small but they are so versatile. They make a great shelf accessory, paperweight and are strong enough to hold up a book on a shelf. And they’re totally adorable. Make sure to get one before they’re gone!

9. Mugs!  Every time I go into Anna’s they seem to have a new mug and somehow they always jump into my cart!  It’s nice to have a little mug rotation because each one brings me joy for a different reason.

10. Fresh produce!  Right here in Essex County, we are so blessed with such an abundance of fresh produce. There is nothing better than the taste of fresh local produce and I love the surprise when I go to Anna’s to see what new produce is featured.  These delicious fresh plums were gone in minutes when I brought them home this week!

11. Pencil cactus! Another of my favorite plants, the pencil cactus brings loads of style to any decor, and as a bonus it’s on sale this week!

12. Faux succulents! I love real plants but having real plants in every room can sometimes be a little unrealistic and a little expensive.  I’d like to add faux plants to rooms that don’t get a lot of attention or might not have great light. Fake flowers have come a long way and these beautiful succulents are nearly indistinguishable from the real deal! It’s the perfect way to add that touch of green and life to every room at an easy price point!

This was a hard list to make because, with so many products for my home, garden and kitchen, I have so many favourites at Anna’s!  It truly is a one-stop shopping experience whether you need a unique gift, plant or produce!  Did your favourites make the list?

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